Sunday, June 2, 2013

Looking for a Deal?


The day to day costs of  just running a household seem to keep going up..

Sure there are sale prices and coupon clipping just to save a bit of money.

We work hard for our money and trying to cut costs is always in the back of our minds.

We have discovered one way to save a few dollars is by travelling to the USA and buying a few items south of the border.

We know that, yes we have to drive and that costs money but there are some weekends when we are just looking for something to do so we would be driving why not find a ‘deal or two’..

The price of milk?


here at home..a gallon of milk is $4.35 and today at Costco in Bellingham I paid $4.79 for two gallons of milk.

Chicken breasts are $22 for 12 and here at home we pay $26.00 for 6.


and of course the token cheddar cheese is also almost half the price..


the price of gas? Well, our gas here is $5.33 a gallon and today we paid $3.67.

and then there is always the entertainment watching all the B.C’ers fill up their cars and all the ‘gerry cans’ they have in the trunks!


Dog and cat food is  almost a $20 savings per bag..



and now my latest deal is ‘my new/old hobby’ of knitting..

I purchased some yarn on line from Joanne’s and had it shipped to ‘Ship Happens’ in Sumas, Washington.

photo (15)

I got the yarn on sale at $1.97 a piece, purchasing 34 balls for about $68 plus the $10 fee for using ‘Ship Happens’


Now if I had bought the same amount of yarn at home.. it sells for $5.99 a ball  it would have been well over $200.


So as you can see there are ‘deals to be had’ you just need to know where to look.

Now I had better get busy, looks like I have some knitting to do!!




  1. How funny that you come here for lower prices. When we are in Mission, TX, we go to Mexico for lower prices. Just can't win.

  2. Wow, that is quite a savings! Good for you, more money left to go camping! :c)

  3. Wow--that is quite the savings. Brenda complains about the high grocery prices in Alberta.

  4. Now that was a pretty smart cookie that thought up the Ship Happens place on the border.

  5. What a difference! Why is there such a difference? Is it the cost of doing business or what? Good for you as it's better in your pocket than someone else's.

    1. Universal Healthcare comes with it's price, in this case, it's GST :p.

  6. We concur wholeheartedly with your views (and proof) on paying far less for goods in the US v. here in BC. We live so close to the US border and we find ourselves fueling up and shopping for groceries there.

  7. Jim and I were commenting yesterday that the price of milk goes up the further north we go. We were paying an average of $2.19 a gallon in AJ and yesterday here in CO it as $3.16. That Ship Happens is a really neat idea.

  8. Our daughter LIVES at Costco...We have one about 45 minutes from us, but the fuel makes it prohibitive to justify driving that far...

  9. You are one good shopper. Have fun with the knitting.

  10. That Ship Happens place is too funny! When our son, Jonathan, lived in Bellingham and worked at the northern-most Fred Meyer, he said that on weekends almost all of the customers were from Canada, and they loved to buy the produce and fruit that he prepared. That's the first we had heard about things, or certain things, anyway, being so much less expensive in the good ole USA. When we make our annual trip to California, we stock the motorhome because CA prices are much more expensive than in WA. We have a Costco located only 1.5 miles from where we live, and we always buy our gas there now.

  11. Ah, the evils of a Capitalistic society LOL!! Not to worry, we are well on our way to becoming a socialist nation and then the prices will not be so attractive. But we love that you can enjoy our bargains for a while at least. Come on down!!!

  12. The further south you go, the better the prices I guess ... Canada to the US ... to Mexico and beyond.

  13. Wow, I had no idea prices were that high in Canada. I don't do Costo,but do have a Sam's Club membership...

  14. That's pretty amazing . . . I remember when the US $ used to get you so much more in Canada than the US! In fact, when Tom and I got married, we bought all of our china in Windsor . . . china that is in storage now, since it didn't make the cut to come in the RV!

  15. Be sure to post what you're knitting. Would love to see!

    Cheers! ~M

  16. I, too, had no idea your prices were so much higher than ours. I don't blame you for crossing over to the US to shop - I'd do the same thing. I also have a Costco membership. I don't use it much since I'm in an RV, but there are certain things that make the membership worthwhile, even now.


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