Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lucky Dawg?


A day in the life of Tucker..from his viewpoint?

Oh, to be the ‘famous’ golden retriever of blogville..or is it ‘infamous?

‘ I try really hard to be a good dog’..but there are days when I just can’t control myself’

Momma, what is the difference between ‘famous or infamous?’

‘Famous is something popular that everybody knows about.
Infamous is something that's famous, but for a bad reason.’

‘Well, I think I  would much rather be now on with my day..

My mom and dad get up really early..Momma calls it o’dark thirty’..most days Dad  gets up way before that..


I get up most mornings with Dad and he takes me out so I can do my ‘business’ outside on my ‘lawn’..there are lots of smells from all the other dogs so it’s always fun to venture outside and smell who has been out there..


Dad leaves for ‘work’ soon after and then if I am a lucky boy I get to ‘go back to bed’..


..this is always least until Mom decides it is time to make the bed..geesh!!

Most days I stay home, while my ‘peeps’ are at ‘work’..they always say they need to work to keep my in the lifestyle I have become accustom too?..I have no idea what this means?


..this is where I stay most of the time when they are not home..see that big chair in the corner?..that’s ‘my chair’..Momma says it’s called ‘fur-niture’..mostly because it usually has some remnants of my fine golden ‘fur’ on it?

I am not alone though..I have my ‘brother’ here, too..the ‘cat’!..he can be fun to play with sometimes..he thinks he is pretty ‘special’..not as famous as me, though..


I sleep all is ‘hard work’ being so ‘good’..

When Mom and Dad finally come home after work, I greet them, wag my tail and bring them a ‘present’..I am so happy when they finally come back….then we get to go to the ‘park’..


..this is the best part my day.. I love to chase my ball!!!

Not all my days are spent at home though, one day a week I am lucky enough to go to daycare!


..maybe those are my favourite days?..

playing with my ‘buddies’..


chasing the balls.. 406357_10152631573870096_488157029_n

and rolling in the mud..


..or maybe my favourite days are ones where I get to ride in the ‘orange box’ and there is a ‘white box’ following close behind?..


Whenever I go for a ‘jeep ride’ there is usually a ‘swim’ at the end of the ride..


I may spend most of days waiting for my ‘peeps’ to come home but when they do ‘we make the most of it’..I know I am one Lucky Dawg!!



  1. Lucky Dawg is a prefect description, and I don't think you had better ever forget it young man.

  2. Hey Dawg, its Riggs, when you get a chance ask your mom what the word spoiled means, my mom and dad call me that all the time. Don't ou just love catching balls it so great,mom says her one arm is bigger than the other from all the ball throwing, though in the fiver I can't run too far. Maybe we can meet someday and have a swimming contest, none of the dogs at the doggie park can catch me so far, but you look like you would be a match for me. Well a big woof woof and see you.

  3. Yep, Tucker, you are one lucky dog!

  4. Yep, that is one lucky dawg and his peeps are lucky, too! Loved the post. Judy & John

  5. HAHAHAHAHA...that snooze alarm looks like it has a big doggie paw print right there in green on top!! Must be well used, eh? Tucker, you're all wet, but we love you!!!

  6. "Hey Big Boy, why don't you come by and see me sometime?" Emma (aka the black haired Mae West) :)

  7. Good post! Your dog does have a way with 'first person' story telling. You really do know Tucker well.

  8. Yes Tucker, you are one lucky dawg!!!

  9. Fun post. Tucker you are a hoot. (and a lucky Dawg!)

  10. You're not a lucky dog, Tucker. You're a King!

  11. Love your story, Tucker :-) Write some more please!!!

  12. A very lucky dog...One thing Dennis and I cannot do is a dog in our bed...But our Black Lab, Gypsy, had a bed of her own on the floor in our bedroom..Trouble with a black dog in the middle of the cannot see her if you have to get up...and she is a BIG roadblock, one that you can trip over...

  13. Famous and a wonderful lifestyle, what more could a dog as for:)

  14. He's a lucky dawg indeed. I wish all dogs were as lucky!!

  15. Dawgs are the very much most best of ever:))

  16. Wow, Tucker is one lucky dog for sure! Now if only all dogs could be treated so well and loved so much.


  17. Yes, Tucker, you are one Lucky Puppy! I know Molly would love rolling in the mud chasing balls with you, big guy!
    Cyber belly rubs,
    Sniffs from Molly


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