Monday, July 1, 2013

‘ Blogging Enthusiasm?’


What does the word ‘enthusiasm’ mean?

ardent and lively interest or eagerness

an object of keen interest; passion’

My enthusiasm has been waning, as of late. I miss the days of being enthusiastic about writing, reading and commenting on the blogs I read.

No, reason really, just have not felt like it. Oh, sure I know that most would say there are no ‘set rules’, blog when you feel like it and the words will flow.

Well, for me the ‘words’ seem to have ‘dried up’..Sure, I am still doing the ‘daily photo’ project but that is pretty much it when it comes to my ‘creativity’..

What use to take up a lot of my ‘computer time’ has taken a ‘backseat’. It may just be a ‘phase’ or a ‘lull’ in my ‘blogging but I am hoping that the ‘enthusiasm will return’..I miss my blogging ‘mojo’..has anyone seen it?

This weekend, we took a little trip to the town of Keremeos. I am hoping this will get the ‘blogging mojo’ back on track..

We left on Saturday morning, just before 6:00 a.m. The decision was made to leave Tucker at home under the care of his ‘sister’..a little break for us and for him too!

The jeep was left at home,too  and we borrowed Carlie’s car for the trip..

First stop was gas at the new Flying J in the town of Hope~ breakfast and some fuel and we were on our way..

As we drove through the Hope Slide area we noticed a car on the side of the road~ the man was standing holding what looked like a ‘tripod'~ we thought for sure that it was a ‘radar gun?’..

Nope, just a guy with a camera, who then decided to step out right in front of the car~~now we are talking a four lane highway and the speed limit is upwards of 80-100..scared the ‘bee-jesus’ out of both of us..

Where was he heading?..across the highway to take pictures of the lake? We are pretty sure he had a ‘death wish’!


We have taken this route many times over the years and it can be a very unforgiving road to travel~

There are many ‘curvy sections’ and elevation changes..lots of single lane and some passing lanes~not for the ‘faint of heart’

We came around one of the many corners about 30 kilometers from Princeton and there on a curve, on a hill was a truck and a boat on trailer blocking both lanes of  the highway. The two were no longer connected, somehow the boat trailer had come off the hitch of the truck. There he sat straddling both lanes~ what to do? no cell service? Scary stuff for him and for the people coming down the hill!

What is normally an uneventful driving is most certainly not turning out that way!

one can only hope that those two incidents will be it until we get to Keremeos!

Our first real stop was a small meat store in the town of Hedley, ‘Doug’s Homestead’..home of great tasting pepperoni and beef jerky!


..they have a pepperoni ‘test’..if you can guess the cost of your purchase to the penny, it’s free. I guessed $15.74 and was wrong! $12.97..oh, well maybe next time!

We arrived at Ron and Karen’s just after 930..let the weekend visit begin!!

We haven’t seen them since November last year so there was lots of ‘catching up’ to do!!

After lunch we went for a drive to the town of Okanagan Falls, home of Tickleberries..yes, Ice Cream!!

After we had our ice-cream  fill, we headed towards the town of Osoyoos. Along the highway are many wineries, some we have visited before and one we had not..The Hidden Chapel Winery..


..a lovely setting with a small chapel that seats 10 people!



we did some tasting but escaped without purchasing any wine!


Next stop was Oliver Twist Winery..


..more tasting but this time two bottles were purchased..


last stop on this ‘impromtu wine’ tour was Road 13..


the castle on the hill, with the Maserati  in the parking lot..


No wine was purchased or tasted, we just admired the view, took a few pictures and headed out!


It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon, as we know all too well, how busy life can be for Ron and Karen and for them to take precious ‘work’ time away from the orchard, we appreciate it!

 Sunday morning dawned bright and early, time to get busy painting..


up on the roof..all three of them.. me? I have my feet on the ground, just where I like them!


The temperature was quickly rising so the painting time was cut short..

Time for lunch before we knew it..

but not before we realized the battery in the car was dead..someone left the key in the ignition, in the ‘on position’


Doug made his ‘famous nachos’..a favourite here in Keremeos!

photo (17)

Our short weekend visit came to an end just after lunch..time to head back to the coast..We were home in time for dinner..someone has turned up the ‘heat’..thank goodness we have an air-conditioner!

Thanks for a lovely weekend, Ron and Karen..and if you made it all the way to the end of this ‘long post’ kudos to you, my blog readers!!

maybe my enthusiasm has returned? or my ‘bloggin’ mojo has been found?

Stay tuned..I am sure there will be more sometime in the near future!


  1. Mine has been lagging as well. I do keep up reading though.

  2. Good to see you back! I really do need to take a trip out to your neck of the woods someday. Nice pictures!

  3. I understand your waning lack of enthusiasm for continuing your blog. Priorities shift & interests change. Nothing is forever I guess. We all go through many era's in our lives & blogging is just one of them. I am experiencing the same thing & especially this last year. The past 3 months especially. I haven't been keeping up with my fellow Bloggers & compared to a few years ago I have not been leaving many comments anymore. My blogging world, like yours, is changing. I have been through some of those small towns you mentioned but it was so long ago my once sharp memories are now inevitably fading. All the best in your blog decisions..............

  4. Sounds like it wasn't a boring weekend! Those nachos look very yummy!!

    I find it harder to blog when we are staying in one place, like this summer. So many of the days are just normal days without anything different to talk about. I expect that once we hit the road again I will find more to blog about. :)

  5. What wonderful wineries. We enjoy visiting them all over the country. I would never have thought of putting seating in a chapel for wine drinking. Very unique.

    We only blog when we have something to share. We turn our blog into a book at the end of each RV year so we don't want to include just ordinary everyday events. Since we are stationary for awhile, it is a bit more difficult to blog also. Just write when you can, and we will be there to read it.

  6. Seems like we all go through a lull in our blogging and writing in general. I've been so caught up in Life itself that my writing creativity has taken a back seat lately. I often feel that, since we are stationary, there is not much to blog about that would be of interest to readers. Not that I feel my life is dull to me, but perhaps to others. I'm so glad you posted and that you had a lovely outing! Thanks so much for sharing! BTW, those nachos look soooo yummy!

  7. It definitely helps when there's something interesting to write about. I find that I not only have less blogging creativity, but that I don't want to comment on blogs unless I can find something new to say. Maybe it's just a "season" that we're in? :)

  8. Great looking winery! Maybe your enthusiasm is hiding out with mine:)

  9. Sure understand how blogging enthusiasm wanes, grows, wanes again.
    Sorry we won't be able to meet up with you guys, but health matters must prevail. Maybe another day!

  10. Highway 3 - your route to Keremeos - is an awesome route on a motorcycle but, when a traffic incident happens, it can be an exercise in patience.

    The wine tours are fun to participate in, aren't they?

    Nice photos from your drive out.

  11. I really understand the blog funk. It seems to cycle with me too. Whenever we are in one place for a while I loose my enthusiasm and this summer we have been so busy with family I haven't read the blogs as much either. I just catch up every week or so. Glad you posted so we could catch up with you, :)

  12. I understand completely.

    For someone who says she's lost her enthusiasm, you sure did a nice job on this one.

    Someday we would love to share "Doug's" nachos with you. Hold the olives though

  13. You say your blogging mojo is anemic, but you certainly did a wonderful post. Post whenever you feel like it, we'll be waiting and enjoying every one. :c)

  14. Sounds like a great weekend after the scares on the highway!

  15. When there is something interesting, the writing is easy. No sense in forcing it ... same thing with the reading. When I see it getting in the way of living life, then it's time to take a break. Of course that break is sometimes forced upon us with lack of internet signal ... and that's not a bad thing either.

  16. Yup, agree with the others, your "enthusiasm" came back when you had the time and motivation. Such a recognition I had here. I do the same. The hard part is that much of the "blogging world" is fed by reading and commenting and writing, so when the time or energy wanes, so does the interaction. Always back to the personal diary theory, I continue to post when I feel like it, read when I can, comment when I can, usually in a big rush of comments on a lot of blogs, and then off to another world that isn't part of the blog world. Good thing we have Facebook, right?

  17. Hi Sue, I drove that highway in 1985 and it doesn't sound like things have improved! Talk about a white knuckle ride! No where to pull over for Grant to drive the VW van for a change, I just had to stick with it and hope for the best! Some clown cut me off, but the Mounty driving from the opposite direction saw him, did a Dukes of Hazard U-turn behind me, (saw it in my side mirror!) and got his man! We all yelled YAY as we past! LOL

  18. Yep..My "get up and go" just "got up and went"...I seem to have NO time for blogging....


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