Monday, July 29, 2013

A ‘balancing act?’

July 29th, 2013

Truth be told some vacation days are better than others..and today was one of those days where we tried to ‘balance things out’..

We had a ‘visitor’ first thing this morning..

2013_07_29 hot air balloon rode right on past our little campsite..

I can remember seeing them the last time we stayed here but don’t remember it being this close..

Today we had no real plans…just the usual vacation stuff..

shower, laundry..take Tucker swimming at Twin Lake..

and then we went to the big town of Winthrop..


We perused a few of the shops..Doug bought a few flies, an ‘orange frisbee’ for Tucker and a walking stick for himself..

…after we were kind enough to improve the economy of Winthrop we headed towards the Smoke Jumper Base…


..we had been on a tour before and found it very interesting so if you are ever in the area this is a ‘must see’..

Next stop was the  Twisp River..


..Doug will be trying his hand at fishing here tomorrow..



Tucker got to play in the water too..


..a wildlife sighting..’oh deer’


….once back at camp, Tucker,  was in need of a may laugh, but this dog would go and go and never stop..kind of like a hyperactive  3 year old..


We had lunch and then Doug went fishing at the river in front of our campsite (he caught two small fish)..his walking stick came in handy..those rocks can be slippery and then there is the fast moving current just to make life interesting..need stay ‘balanced’..wouldn’t want to go for  a ride down the rapids!!


This afternoon I noticed someone had been busy ‘balancing rocks’..


Our day ended visiting with a new camper..Len from Pennsylvania..he is riding his bicycle from Seattle to Spokane..interesting man…will have to get his picture tomorrow..

The wind and the rain returned this evening, cutting our conversation short..

We are once again inside, the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down..

Maybe tomorrow the sun will be out?…that would be a perfectly ‘balanced day!’

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