Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 2013

'another month of photos, here we come..

Day 213: our new home away from home..Riverhaven Rv Park, in Hedley,BC on the banks of the Similkameen River.


Day 214: 'What a croc?'..nice view!!..going to miss this..but WE will be back!!


Day 215: there is a storm a 'brewin'?.. Keremeos, BC


Day 216: a 'boy and his ball?'


Day 217: fresh sliced peaches and vanilla bean ice cream…great dessert on a hot day!


Day 218: the 'fastest shredder in the west?'..a big box of old bills and papers met their 'maker' today...adios!


Day 219: 'cookin' with gas?'..we have three 20 pound propane tanks ..two on the trailer and one on the sundeck..guess what?..they are all empty or pretty darn close to being empty!!..geesh!!!


Day 220: you know it is a slow picture day..when you are busy 'watching paint dry?' actually the deck was painted when we were away on holidays! what a difference a coat of paint can make..much better than the peeling paint we have had for the last few years!!


Day 221: roughin' it along the Coldwater River


Day 222: Sunshine and solitude..perfection!


Day 223: hitched up and heading towards home


Day 224: ' False alarm?' life in the big city..we live very close to a fire-hall and police station so sirens are a common occurrence. Today though, there was an emergency at the lake across the street from our condo....the red van from the search and rescue was towing a 'zodiac'..first time I have ever seen that..this incident didn't last too long though..within a half hour everyone was gone!!


Day 225: 'rays of sunshine?' the view from the dog park this morning..

photo (23)

Day 226: This is how I ROLL???

IMG_2341Day 227: 'the green green grass of home?..more like dry, brown and crispy!!

photo (24)

..and so ends the first half of the month of August..there have been moments where I wondered why did I even start this project..but I will not quit now..only 138 more photos to go!!

Thanks for ‘hangin’ in there with me..


  1. Keep it up! I always enjoy your posts.

  2. It is a taxing job to keep capturing photographs but you are doing well at it. Looking forward to the next set of pix!

  3. How did August sneak up on us already??? :cO

  4. I love the purple crocs and solitude.

  5. How Fun... You will have memories behind each of those photos when you look back later.

  6. Love how you roll hahahaha!!! Enjoyed your recap of the first part of August.

  7. Don't stop, your daily pics are really neat. U really enjoyed day 225...what a camp sight! Hope your second half of August brings health and serenity!

  8. What a busy time it was!! YOU USE ROLLERS ??????


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