Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to the land of ‘red and white’

July 31st, 2013

Our last morning looking at the Methow River, while we had our morning ‘coffee’..


Today was a travel day..third leg of our 2013 summer vacation..224 kilometers to our  next destination.


We were all loaded up and popped down by 9:30..just a short drive today..

as we climbed to the top of Loup Loup last look at the Methow Valley..


..and then I noticed we had ‘hitchhiker’..


..a spider had joined us for the journey, using Bart as a landing pad for his ‘spider web’..

Once we arrived at the top of Loup Loup..4020 feet..


..we ‘kicked the spider ‘ to the curb …IMG_2179

We arrived in Omak, Washington about an hour later and stopped at the last USA Walmart, purchasing some of our groceries for our next stop..

A gas fill up in Oroville and we were crossing the border back to the land of red and white..

Thanks for the hospitality, USA..we enjoyed our stay..


A quick stop in Osoyoos for some fresh produce and lunch and we headed up Richter Pass and down the other side into the Similkameen Valley..


By late afternoon we had arrived at our next ‘home’ ..Riverhaven RV park on Highway 3, just west of the small town of Hedley, BC..

IMG_2196 dinner time we were all settled in our new spot..number 8


..this is our view..


..not too shabby..we could get use to this..


Tucker went for a swim..


Doug went fishing..caught one..IMG_2192


..the park is pretty empty at the moment but since it a ‘long weekend’ in BC we know it will be full by Friday..

more to come from Riverhaven..stay tuned..

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