Friday, August 2, 2013

‘Chuck it?’

 August 2nd, 2013

After a rainy, wet night..morning came and guess what? was still raining..’me no like the rain?’

Everything was wet and soggy..


..we tried to tidy up and dry things off as best we could..


..but soon we just gave up..and went inside..


Tucker took a late morning nap..that turned into an afternoon nap..

We tried to ‘use’ as much band-with we could get our greedy ‘paws’ on..


..the rain persevered through most of the day..


..finally it stopped just in time for ‘company’..Carlie is here!!!


..the original plan was for her to ‘camp with us’ for the weekend but the weather forecast was not looking too promising..


We changed the plans and sent her on her way after dinner to her Aunt and Uncle’s in Keremeos..we are going to pack up one day early over and drive the 36 kilometers to their house to dry out..


We are going to ‘chuck it’..a  wet and soggy end to our for the rain!


..more tomorrow from town of Keremeos..


  1. Paul goes crazy when we have rain and want to do some hiking or sightseeing. He has no patience for the wet stuff! So sorry it put such a "damper" on your plans.

  2. We had one day of almost constant rain here, too. I love the rain, but if it goes on too long, I get tired of it too. At least I'm in a hardsided RV, though. I feel sorry for the weekenders who are here in tents - not a lot for them to do in that kind of weather, and if they have kids with them that just makes it worse. Good idea to move on. :)

  3. When the weather will not cooperate, you have to go with the flow. Personally, I have never been fond of the "chuck it" phrase:)


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