Sunday, August 11, 2013

Embracing our ‘rustic camping skills’

I am all about planning when it comes to going camping:

  • where we are going
  • where we are staying
  • the weather
  • the food

But sometimes one needs to throw the planning out the window and just ‘go’…and this weekend that is what we did..

When Doug came home from work we hooked up the trailer and headed east towards the Coquihalla Highway..traffic on the freeway was a parking lot all because of stalled car on the side of the road but once we go through that mess it was clear driving!!

We stopped in Hope for gas and two bags of ice..and then headed north on the Coquihalla Highway..

We were looking for the ever elusive perfect spot along the river..’a free spot’ in monetary and ‘leash free’..

We stopped at the Caroline Mines turn off..didn’t see anything we stop was Juliet Creek..

Sure there was a great spot that was already taken by a guy in an old motorhome which was fine but it was his ‘dogs’ that scared me..three, yes three, un-neutered Bull Mastiffs…there would have been room for us but I just didn’t feel comfortable..

So onwards to the next exit..Larson Hill..

and there it was.. a perfect spot on the Coldwater River..

IMG_2286 toilets, running water, or ‘current bushes’..


just what we were looking for..

and there was even ‘water access’ for Tucker..


..peace, quiet, solitude.. (other than the highway noise, and the ATV’s) ..perfection..we even had cell service..


We were in bed early and awoke to a torrential downpour and  thunder, lightning.. and it was ‘loud’!..but we were nice and dry inside!!


In the morning we noticed that we had a few visitors in our ‘wasp ~o ~minium’


and  the storm had passed and the sun was shining!..rain?..what rain?

IMG_2298 outside and by the time we made breakfast it was closer to lunch time..


Tucker spent most of the weekend in the river..down the almost 90 degree slope to the water below..he came up and down that slope  just like a ‘mountain goat’..


..we went on a few walks…


Tucker, of course had to find a stick to carry..


…and then he was the ‘branch manager’..


He tagged along when Doug went fishing..


..swimming through the ‘fishing hole’..Doug did manage to catch a few though..little ones but a fish, still the same..


..sitting in the sunshine and working on my latest project filled my between checking on the ‘dog’ he swam up and down the river..

Our late afternoon snack..


..a few glasses of wine..

IMG_2323 incident with a ‘chair’..


‘busted’ we are down to one ‘orange chair’..I think I see some new seating arrangements in our future?

‘Someone’ had to sit on the cooler for the balance of the day..not exactly the ‘best seat in the house?’

Sunday morning we said ‘so long’ to our little spot by the river..


..the weather forecast wasn’t too promising for later in the day  so we decided to head for home..

IMG_2329 last look…

and now onto the Coquihalla Highway..


..yes, Bart was along for the weekend but he spent the weekend in the jeep..poor guy..


We stopped in Hope for a quick bite to eat and then we were home just before lunchtime..

a lovely weekend..honing our rustic camping skills..

Thanks for riding along..there will be more ‘rustic adventures’ in a couple of weeks!!


  1. What a wonderful, quiet, reflective weekend. Wishing you tons more.

  2. We know that area quite well. The Larson Hill area, along the river, is a great spot for a short camping trip.

  3. What a great idea for the weekend!

  4. Practicing your boondocking. We love it.

  5. Well, at least you had cell service... :) It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Good for you for being flexible about your plans!

  6. That's what I do love about the pop ups..They are sooo easy to take on a whim at the last moment..Sometimes the Hiker is more of a pain and not loading up for just a weekend..I'm hoping we get a couple weeks at a state park North of here this Fall..HOPING is the key word;-)

  7. Glad to see I wasn't the only one with a chair incident this weekend...glad to see though that your's did not require a visit to emergency!

  8. A perfect spot and the price made it more "perfectrer". :c)

  9. I think you're living the good life. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. What a great weekend!! Thanks for letting us tag along!! We got our bed in our Casita...all trimmed on the corners and very comfortable. Now we are READY too!! :-)

  11. Ideal weekend. Sometimes those spur of the moment trips work out the best. Looks like Tucker had a wonderful weekend as well. GREAT pictures. Glad to see you guys enjoying that trailer. Big OOPSIE on the chair!!

  12. excellent weekend.....great the privacy your spot offered...


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