Friday, July 19, 2013

‘Familiar’ Road Trip 2014

July 19th, 2013 

Day one of our summer vacation adventure..

We were up at 4:20 am and hooked up and ready to go at..


..sorry couldn’t get the camera to focus?..or maybe it was just me..far too early..

Our first stop after the duty free and the border crossing was the McDonalds in Mount Vernon..


and then over the ‘infamous’ bridge over the Skagit River..


..yes we made it to the other ‘swimming’ for us..

..and then there was the one reason we left so early..rush hour traffic from Everett to Tacoma..


..lucky me I saw most of this ‘through the back of my eyelids’..

one rest stop for us  after we got past all of the cars..IMG_1720

..Tucker got to play with his frisbee..


..and a drink of water..


..back in the jeep..and Bart turned into the ‘nag'-igator’..


…a stop for gas just before Kelso..$3.99 a gallon..what a deal compared to the price at home of $5.40..

..exit 40..and the Lewis and Clarke Bridge over the Columbia River..


..this was ‘suppose’ to be the ‘Welcome to Oregon’ sign but as you can see I missed it!


..we stopped for lunch at Tolvano Park..our first view of Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach..


..some egg sandwiches and a drink..


..and a lovely garden next to a house that has been exposed to the sea air for a while…

IMG_1736 tunnel at Arch Cape..


..and a few more miles down the road and we arrived at our destination..


..a lovely State to the Pacific Ocean..

our site is C-43..a water and electric sewer..we are ‘roughin’ it!!


..sunny with blue sky and the ever present wind, that the Oregon Coast is known for..


..our neighbours are Dave and Carol..we haven’t seen these fine folks since 2010 so we have some catching up to do!!


Russ and Donna were suppose to be here too, but they had to we will have to have some fun without them..

We walked  ‘up’ to the beach..over the dune..and this was the view..


the wind was blowing as was the sand..we lasted only long enough to take the we were being ‘sandblasted’!..maybe tomorrow will be more conducive to walking on the beach?

More tomorrow from Nehalem State Park..stay tuned..

..sure wish there was some ‘bandwith’ I could ‘steal?’



  1. Was that the bridge that was struck and collapsed? I remember the big deal that was made of that. Turns out though that there was a miscalculation, and not on the part of the driver. The bureaucrats that issued the permit were wrong.
    And besides, you tweak one little corner of a bridge and it comes down? Wat up wit dat?

  2. After an early start and several miles you guys landed a beautiful site!! Hope the wind dies down and you can enjoy that beach!! Its beautiful. :-)

  3. Ah, the memories, and fun to see your pictures and commentary about your trip down south!

  4. Sure happy to see you enjoying yourselves in the sand and sunshine. Sorry we missed it, but we'll see you guys again, even if we have to come up there to your place!

  5. You know, you missed an opportunity to meet "Just Wanderin" at Kalama. If you are going back the same way, let me arrange it.

  6. Looks like a great vacation. You captured it beautifully!

  7. Sure glad you had a great time with Dave and Carol. Would have loved to have been there but just couldn't make it work this year. We are still struggling with the sidewalk project but at least we can use our driveway now. Maybe next year...

  8. Always such a great feeling to be just out & going somewhere for sure. Bonus:))

  9. Your header photo is beautiful.

    We stayed at the state park and loved it. Our site looks just like yours...very big and some privacy. Enjoy your surroundings.

  10. Enjoy your trip! You must have been excited to be on the road at 5AM:)

  11. Wow that's a long drive for one day. We booked that state park this year but had to cancel. Will do it next year for sure.
    Great photos!!! Have a great time!

  12. A beautiful state park! Glad you get to relax for a bit...the minute we hook on, the tension headaches stop..

  13. What a great place to go on your vacation ... but you must be looking into your crystal ball if you're seeing yourself there in 2014 ;-))

  14. Ah, Nehalem bay, the only SP campground that you can drive in or fly in to :p.


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