Wednesday, July 24, 2013

See you down the road..

July 24th, 2013 

Dave and Carol headed out this morning to  their new destination..

IMG_1859Carol driving the car and Dave behind the wheel of the ‘bus’..

IMG_1860 .. as we waved good bye.. it was sad to say ‘so long’..but we are already planning our next meet-up..It was great to get to know the two of them over the last few days..


drive safely……we will see you ‘down the road’..

..on with our day..breakfast in the sunshine..


..and a run at the beach for Tucker..


..the last one..



we sure wish this was our ‘backyard’..


a final look..


..we perused a few of the stores along main street in Manzanita..purchasing the 'world’s best salt water taffy’


our afternoon was spent sitting in the sunshine..and then just before dinner we took Tucker to Nehalem Bay for one last swim..


..the tide was way in compared to last time..


but Tucker has fun no matter what..


..there was lots of different kinds of driftwood..


..and then there was this one..looks like a horse or maybe a camel?…

IMG_1889 more last look..


..the token Oregon coast sunset pictures, taken by Doug..


..there will be just two of us around the campfire tonight..

Me?..I am the one dressed like ‘Na-nook’ of the Great White North..


Thanks for reading along..stay camping stop is Riverbend Rv Resort in Twisp, Washington..only 675 kilometers from here..but we have one quick one night stop in Lacey, Washington..


  1. What a great trip. Glad you had such a good time, even if it was a bit on the chilly side. That Tucker is the swimmingest dog I have ever seen!!

  2. It's always hard to say "so long" but when you have an RV it is always "see ya down the road." Glad you all enjoyed your time together!
    Tucker is just awesome!! He does, indeed, love to swim. Our Golden boy never LOVED swimming, he would swim but would rather just walk beside us. Now he is older(13 years old) and getting up and walking is just enough for now.
    You guys drive safe tomorrow and we'll be looking forward to your next stop!!

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  4. We never did get a sunset picture while we were at Nehalem Bay, so I will enjoy looking at Doug's photos. See you down the road!


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