Saturday, August 17, 2013

Step back in time?

Heading south to the land of red, white and blue..our mission was to find new chairs for our next camping adventure.

Today was going to be a day of waiting in border line ups. There was no escaping it.

We arrived at the border just after 12:20 and we didn’t cross in the USA until 2:00.

Good thing there was lunch to eat and the I-pad to keep us amused!

Oh and there was the guy who ran out of gas in the line up and had to do the ‘walk of shame’ with his little gas can.



across the Skagit River at a ‘snail’s pace..


For those who know us, our destination today, is of course, Cabela’s but first we stopped at Costco for a few items and some gas.

Such a deal on the gas, at home we are paying 1.39 a litre and the price in Marysville today was $3.63, a savings of $37.00


 I had found some chairs on line last week and thought they looked pretty good. Not a bad price. We had two choices..

this one was priced at $49.99


and then I spotted this one for $44.99


both are good quality but the first one is more comfortable and a bonus was the fact that the first one was now on sale for $34.99. The other one was sort of stiff and not nearly as comfy!

So you know of course we purchased the cheaper ones. We can hardly wait to try them out on our next camping trip.

Speaking of we were leaving Cabela’s we spotted a few trailers parked just outside the store..they were ‘bee-utiful’..our dream rv in the making!??


this one was our favourite, I wonder why?


but there were others..

IMG_2367 - Copy_thumbIMG_2368 - Copy_thumbIMG_2369 - Copy_thumbIMG_2370 - Copy_thumbIMG_2371 - Copy_thumbIMG_2372 - Copy_thumbIMG_2380 - Copy_thumb

so cute..and very well done..


The ladies that were displaying these old beauties were from a group called

Sisters on the Fly..what a hoot they were!!!

We stopped at Walmart as I was on the hunt for some Rachael Ray items..there are some items that  come in orange!..but I didn’t really see anything that we needed so that was a bust!

Shopping is done..dinner at the Olive Garden and then we headed for home..


Surprise surprise..yet another border line-up..


the setting sun kept me amused for a while..



and then there were the lights of the Duty Free Store..


once we got the border, the sun had set and it was dark..only a few questions?

  • how long have we been gone?
  • where do we live?
  • total value of goods? $225
  • ammo?
  • tobacco?
  • liquor?
  • fruits or vegetables?

and then the last one was

  • do we have more than $10,000 cash on us?..

we wish!!

Have a nice day! thanks for riding along with us!! or maybe there was more ‘waiting than riding?’


  1. What fun visiting those campers. I love the cow camper.

    Great buy on those chairs.

    Paul would have never made a two hour wait...lunch or not.

  2. The trailers are cute, but a little too jam-packed with 'stuff' for me. :)

  3. We've seen those trailers before and like Judy--they have a little too much "stuff" in them for me.

  4. Might be time for you two to apply for the NEXUS border entry cards. We seldom every wait more than three/four minutes in those NEXUS lanes.

    Good price on those nice camping chairs.

  5. Not sure I'd want to haul a little trailer but never know until I do. I wonder if the nice border guard would tell anyone if he took your $10K cash. It'd be a good day's work for sure

  6. OK, I've never understood the ten thousand dollar question. Yes, I know WHY they ask it, but if I had ten grand in my pocket, why would I let on? And of course, what the hell would I be thinking?
    That whole cross border thing is sure tempting (we're just a wee bit too far away to make it practical) but I couldn't suffer the line ups just to shop. It was bad enough when we had to go over for my wife's work, and even then I had to race to a washroom at one point, 'cause we had been in line just a little too long. Never tried driving over on fumes though....

  7. Those trailers are cute, quite a labor of love to restore and maintain them.

    With the money you saved on gas, you got a "free" chair! :c)

  8. No, sorry sir, we only have $9,999 in cash, not over $10,000. I'm pretty sure if anyone has that much cash in their pocket they would not be owning up to it at the border crossing. And they also might have a gun, which wouldn't be legal, either.

    I've heard of Sisters on the Fly--I wonder if they actually camp or just show off their trailers? Very cute!

    Thank you for your support of the US economy. We need all the help we can get!

  9. Those vintage trailers are really neat...Doug looked right at home standing in the doorway. Isn't it great when the most comfortable chairs are also the least expensive?


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