Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two can ‘Tango?’

Sometimes when you find a place you really like to ‘camp’ you just want to keep going back..

That was the plan yet again  this past weekend..


..the Larson Hill exit on the Coquihalla Highway, one more time, just for ‘old time’s sake?’

We left home at about 3:30 and were parked and set up by 7:30..

Same campsite as last time..except this time we wouldn’t be alone..

Dean and Theresa were joining us along with Dean’s daughter, Jaime and her dog, Missy..


Jaime arrived first and then Dean and Theresa were about an hour after her..coming in after dark is not a problem for these campers..Dean’s trailer is ‘decked out’ with a ton of problem for him to back up into a dark campsite!

We enjoyed a ‘campfire’ and some conversation before calling it a night..

Saturday morning, the sun was out so we enjoyed our new ‘seating’ with our coffee..



..Tucker is not with us on this trip so there will be no ‘golden swimming’ photos..We had fun but ‘camping life’ is not complete without a ‘wet and stinky’ dog....

Dean kept us amused though..


after breakfast the ‘boys’ decided to go fishin’..


..Dean caught one poor little minnow and there was a school of very large fish under the bridge but they weren’t biting what the boys were ‘serving’?


Jaime decided to try on her Dad’s waders..just for fun..


and Missy is not a ‘swimmer’ like our Tucker so she enjoyed working on her ‘tan’..


another view of the Coldwater River..


from the other side of the bridge..



We enjoyed a barbequed steak dinner courtesy of the ‘Tango’ family..and another campfire..and of course, some Disaronna..

Sunday morning we provided the entertainment as our ‘neighbours’ sat in their chairs watching the ‘show’ as we packed up and popped glad we could entertain!!


.. our weekend with the ‘Tango’ family was a success..


as we said so long to my ‘new favourite campsite’..

IMG_2496we followed the ‘Tang0’ heading south onto the Coquihalla Highway..


but not before having to stop at yet another ‘accident scene’..


We had heard the sirens before we vacated the campsite and wondered if we could come across anything? Looks like this car came from the other direction, lost control and flipped over, landing on the opposite side of the highway?


We parted ways in Hope as Dean and Theresa had to do the ‘rv thing’ of empting their ‘tanks’..

We were crossing the Port Mann Bridge just before 1:30..


..and were home before 2:00..yet another successful weekend of ‘camping fun’!

Where are we off to next weekend???

Stay tuned..


  1. You are right. When we find a spot we like we keep going back too. Don't know why but that's how it works.

  2. That is a nice camping spot. We use to ride off road motorcycles in that area, many years back. It's a nice destination and not too far from home!

  3. Glad you had a chance to try out your new chairs. Looks like it was a fun weekend!

  4. Does that mean Monck has to settle for #2. Oh dear.

    1. Monck will always be our favourite 'pay for' spot but at the moment 'free is where it's at'

  5. Always nice to return to a favorite spot. We are leaving for a trip north and will be camping only in places that we have been to many times. It is a family and friends tour, rather than one of exploration:)

  6. Scary accident :( Missy looks adorable :)


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