Saturday, July 27, 2013

What a ‘CROC?’

July 27th, 2013

Another sunny warm day..plans?..but first Tucker needed to have a wee bit of a nap..on his bed, of course..


how about a four-wheeling adventure?

This morning we drove up to Sun Mountain Lodge.


A beautiful lodge with a ‘hefty price tag’….


but the views from atop the mountain were amazing..


..worth every penny..or rather $100 bills..

..there was even a lake..Lake Patterson..


..Tucker, of course got to dip his ‘paws’..

2013_07_274 it was time for the ‘four wheeling’ part of our day..

We were looking for Fort Butte..5490 feet above the Methow Valley..

..armed with our ‘map’ we ventured through the Okanogan National Forest..


along this road..


and then up to this view point..


..wrong vantage point..we are only at 25oo feet..

back down to the pavement for a few more  miles and finally we reached the correct turnoff..

or so we thought..


..we met this couple on the motorcycle..they were from Victoria, BC..we followed them down the mountain yet again..wrong one..or so we thought..


..there were many roads to take and the signage was non-existent and the map didn’t help..

We had reached 4500 feet and then the road ended?..we found out later that a ‘hike’ was necessary to reach the summit?


..some days it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey?


..back at camp we armed ourselves with a ‘wasp-o-minium..


seems to keep the little yellow bugs away from our dinner table..


..the jeep is in need of a ‘bath’..


..and we  have a new ‘neighbour’..a ‘fine ride’..a ‘Boss Hoss’ ..quite the machine..with a V-8 corvette engine..


..and so ends our ‘what a Croc? day..thanks for riding along..



  1. Looks like a fun day . . . even if you didn't quite make it to the original destination!

  2. My crocs are boring navy and black specimens. I think you should both look for orange crocs, though. (Go Beavs!) ;) We have one of those bee traps which we purchased many years ago during a Labor Day trip to Wallowa Lake in Oregon. We drove up to Sun Mountain, but didn't take any of the hikes or go inside the lodge. We enjoyed the views, though!

  3. You definitely need green and yellow crocs - GO DUCKS!! You've already got the orange covered with the jeep LOL!! Looks like a fun drive wherever you ended up.

  4. I have 3 pairs of Crocs, yellow, bright green and purple...I'm needing new ones and hoping the Croc shop has a 2 for 1 sale soon!!
    Looks like you are having a mighty fine vacation!

  5. Tucker cracks me up lying on his bed outside. What a hoot.

  6. I only have black crocs, which I bought years ago to wear as a combo deck shoe, cabin slipper, and shower clog. I just bought a pair of Oofos clogs to replace them as the Oofos have better arch support.


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