Sunday, July 28, 2013

You and me going fishin’ in the dark?

 July 28th, 2013

Yet another day at Riverbend RV park on the banks of the Methow being Sunday all the weekenders have vacated the campsite and we are left with a clear view of the river again!!


Doug tried his hand at fishing early this morning..he had no luck but he did manage to score a nice scratch on his leg..


Late this morning, after our pancake breakfast.. we took a drive to Twin Lake..we drove past this one yesterday and didn’t stop..much to Tucker’s dismay, so today was once again all about the pooch..


Tucker, of course did his laps..


..just one more throw pleeasse!!



We stopped at the Winthrop Fish Hatchery on the way back..


there was also a beaver project..see the sleepy beaver in the bottom right picture?


We then headed towards the town of Winthrop but the weekend crowds seem to have taken we will try again tomorrow?


..I even ventured over this was a bit ‘wobbly’ in the middle..and for those who know me..I don’t do well with heights…


..back at our campsite for the balance of the afternoon..Doug went fishing again..


..and we had our ‘nappy hour’..happy hour with a nap thrown in for good measure..


..and now post dinner, we have a ‘storm a brewin’..we have battened down the hatches..


..we are all  tucked inside..the wind is blowing and a tree fell over in the campsites down the damage..not to worry..


Tucker has assumed his position..


..and Doug and I are trying to ‘suck as much internet’ as we can get..not working too well for us..

have a good night..more tomorrow..


  1. Tucker and Rigg's are brothers, Rigg's has yo have his swim fix and then he will sleep the sleep of the exhausted kid.When we take the Grandkid's to the water park all day, they never make it past 08:00PM and they are down for the count. nothing like water to play you out. Sam & Donna..

  2. Maybe if Doug dropped his line in the fish hatchery he'd have better luck... ;c)


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