Monday, September 30, 2013

Second half of September

Day 259: 'found money' this morning..the brand new twenty dollar bill on my way to the bus..and then when I went to put it in my wallet I discovered two more twenties?..don't remember them even being in there?..we were away all weekend and I used my debit card because I didn't think I had any 'cash?'..


Day 260: anyone looking for the 'fountain of youth?'..


Day 261: my 'magnetic personality?'


Day 262: a 'sign' that the summer season is done..the 'air conditioner's work is finished for 2013!


Day 263: Lucky 13 has a new perch..


Day 264: What's in your fridge?..


Day 265: the old Port Mann looks very small in comparison to the new one? and some angry clouds too..welcome to Fall 2013!

photo (29)

Day 266: rainy days and Mondays, but the sun is 'really hard' to overtake the clouds..

photo (30)

Day 267: " my hairy lampshades"


Day 268: 'got game?..I spend time playing games on the computer..and then I found this 'game' in the closet..Mexican Train..may have to break it out of the box again!!


Day 269: my knitting projects have gone by the wayside in the warm weather..but now that Fall has arrived it will be time again to work on this!!


Day 270: hard to believe that 33 years have gone by since Ron and Karen got married!! Happy anniversary to you both!!! You haven't changed a bit!!!


Day 271: we had the pleasure of sharing in the post wedding celebrations of Lindsey Florio and her husband Chas..married last month in Vermont..may you have many years of wedded bliss!!


Day 272: Sunday night dessert! pumpkin cheesecake!


Day 273: 'that's go to work Momma..I will just keep the chair warm until you get home'


..and so ends yet another month..hard to believe that there is only three more months and 2013 will be over!!


  1. I like your magnetic personality! :)

  2. Found money! Time for a happy dance. Tucker does a great job of watching over the chair for you.

  3. My, how quickly September has gone. But now that we are having wet, windy weather here in the Pacific Northwest, the last few days seem to have slowed down! ;-)

  4. We love to play Mexican Train. Break that box open and enjoy some fun!

  5. We have really enjoyed your photos! So creative! You are three-quarters of the way through one really fun project!!

  6. Another creative mix of photos. With only three more months to go on your self imposed photo essays, it should prove easy to complete.

  7. Where do I get a money growing wallet like yours? Tell me, PLEASE!!! :cD

  8. Pumpkin cheesecake and found money...great combination. Mexican train is a lot of fun...enjoy!

  9. You know you are doing well when you forget about all money :)

  10. Fall is a great time to get back to yarn, your project has great colors!
    Molly says to Tucker, "move over, there's room for two there!" :)

  11. Our warmest Thanksgiving wishes to you Doug and Carlie. Been enjoying your monthly recaps this year such a neat idea for your blog.

  12. Nice photos....and one has to be most creative to capture something daily. Now...I did recognize one location; Parson's Fruit Stand in Keremeos. Jeanette and I stop there on our way through the town and, a few years back, we got to meet old man Parsons who engaged us in great conversation for well over one half hour. The pumpkins by the old machinery is a truly nice photo this time of the season.


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