Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 2013

another month is upon us..

We have just returned from an impromptu  one night trip to Keremeos..we took the long way around..

I captured this photo out the windshield on the way home on Sunday night..

Day 244:  The open road..heading west towards home..IMG_2550

Day 245: 'a labour of love' ..our golden boy is a make work project..geesh! why didn't I put a sheet on the backseat of the car?


Day 246: the start of a new year..School year that is..been a long time since we had to worry about pencils, pens, books and homework!!


Day 247: a pretty yellow 'sunflower'..


Day 248: all work and no 'play'..a quiet morning at the playground...


Day 249: a Friday night storm..heading east towards Princeton


Day 250: 'grapes on the vine'


Day 251: the West gate, bathroom break in the sunshine!!


Day 252: there are some 'foreign items' on my dining room table this morning?...I kind of recognize them?...
after 60 glorious days of is now TIME to head back to work..


Day 253: 'seriously?...another work day?..geesh..can't you be on 'vacation again, Momma?'

IMG_2634Day 254: the cat cares..but time for some 'equal billing'...

IMG_2635Day 255: wonder where the 'golden child' spent his day?


Day 256: with summer winding down and the sun  setting earlier  our drive to Keremeos after work today wound up being mostly in the dark..


Day 257: we escaped the confines of Riverside Orchard and went into the big town of Penticton..


Day 258: Heading back towards home…one token photo of the Hope Slide..


..half way through the month of September..sure there are days when I wonder why oh why did I start this project?.. one more week and there will be less than 100 days to go!!!


  1. It will be a year to look back on.

  2. You just keep amazing me with your creativity. Wonderful post once again.

  3. I agree, you are a most creative lady and super blogger!! Just want you to know we have truly enjoyed your yearlong journey through the blog!! Thanks!
    Love the clouds in that first the way the sun is bursting through them. :-) Nice!!

  4. Going back to school..did I miss something?..That actually wouldn't surprise me if I did..we have been off the radar for the summer.

  5. Truly nice photos once again. Keep it up! Only a few months from now and you'll be glad you did.

  6. You are so clever, but I bet you'll be happy to see Day #365! :c)

  7. Ah, but Sue, you make the photo each day look so easy! I like to see the story that you tell through your pictures.

  8. Good for you for keeping the daily photographs up. It makes one find something unique about everyday life everyday, and you do it so well.


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