Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer is winding down?


the photo a day project continues..

Day 228: Ironing out the wrinkles, yet again....doing the chore I dislike the most..but at least I can be outside.


Day 229: sunset in Blaine, Washington. We spent the day in the good old USA and as we waited at the border this evening this was our view!


Day 230: yesterday we went to our favourite store south of the border and we came home with some new seating for camping...we call them 'big ass' chairs'..meant for 'tall people'.. we had someone who was 'vertically challenged' demonstrate how 'big they actually are'  Please notice that her feet don't even touch the ground! thanks for being a good sport T.


Day 231: 'some days are all about 'comfort'..comfort-able clothes and 'comfort food' old, old recipe from my childhood.."Coffee Cake''..a delicious cake topping with a sauce underneath..yummy when warm from the oven with whip cream!


Day 232: a few days ago, Doug went down to the storage locker to get something..he found what he was looking for but then he had a bit of an 'avalanche'..
geesh..I guess the 'royal we' as in 'me' is going to have to clean all this up?


Day 233: Sure is a good thing that 'life' isn't like this?


Day 234: Happy anniversary to us! Not ONE bouquet, but TWO!! so pretty!!! thank you to my darling husband and daughter!!


Day 235: Sunset over Larson Hill..


Day 236: the best 'seat in the house'..our Saturday morning view..


Day 237: the Coldwater River

IMG_2474Day 238: can we go for a car ride???IMG_2513

Day 239: can't see the forest for the trees?


Day 240: a 'crevasse' of fur?

photo (27)

Day 241: A summer storm, rain, wind, thunder and lightning..

photo (25)

Day 242: riding in the elevator?


Day 243: Road Trip..the long way around to Keremeos..


and so ends the month of summer is drawing to a close..

only 122 more photos to go..

the start of a ‘new year’ is beginning..for me the month of September has always felt more like the beginning of a new year, rather than January..


  1. Don't tell me summer is over! That means winter is coming and that's a four letter word in my book... ;c)

  2. Love day 230...too cute. Yes, that storage locker could use a bit of

    Great job AGAIN!

  3. Gads! Cleaning out storage is absolutely no fun. It's even less fun when it falls on you.

  4. Sue, you will need a foot stool to go with that tall camp chair! :)
    Ironing on the deck, what a nice way to get through a boring chore.
    Does this mean you have to go back to w-o-r-k? Good luck!
    PS Molly sends a stick to Tucker. :)

  5. It took many years for me to stop feeling like September was New Year. Now it's more like Februrary, when the Holidays are well past and new adventures are being planned. Of course the California weather is a big factor.

  6. It seems like summer just started, and here fall is just around the corner.

  7. Your photo project is nice to follow.

    Fall is clearly upon us and it signals a change in weather and a return to routine for many. For us west coasters, it tells us that the grey, cloudy, misty days will soon return. That is what the non-working folks do not look forward to. It's also the reason the non-working are planning to hit the road for the sunnier and warmer climes of the US southwest.

  8. WOW! can't believe where the summer has gone. As for day 234 belated anniversary wishes from us, the flowers look beautiful. Going to post a blog later today and will update you as to what we have been up to. Have a great Tuesday!

  9. Love the Saturday morning view! Even though Doug may have spilled some things going to the storage room, at least he remembered what he went down there for...that's a good thing!

  10. Summer is winding down, except at the Oregon coast, where it's just beginning. Unfortunately, we can only stay at Fort Stevens State Park until tomorrow morning. Miss you guys! :(

  11. Sorry about no comments...This is my favorite time of year...Enjoy every moment..that's what I have gathered from this past week at the Cave.

  12. Beautiful photographs of your days, specially last photo (what the sky view, amazing ) .. such looks a beautiful Hill station.


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