Friday, November 1, 2013

Ten months done..only two more to go!!

Day 289: 'do you know what happens when a 'bra wire' goes through the washing machine?..well, at this house it gets 'lost' in the parts for six months and then makes it's presence known by leaking water all over the floor..
the bad news?..the repair was $170
more bad news? damaged the ceiling in the condo below us..
the good news?..the repair man found $2.05 inside the 'drain'.. know of course there is more bad news..water and laminate flooring don't 'play nice' together..


Day 290: 'Deja Vu'?...some old 'friends' came back to visit...not that we invited them..they are very noisy but doing their 'job'..seems like they were just here about 252 days ago?


Day 291: ..a sleepy Friday morning..who ever has said that dogs and cats don't get along, has not met my two boys!!..'peas in a pod' they are!!


Day 292: do you think this 'monster truck' will fit in the underground park-ade at our condo? height restriction of 6'8" might be a bit tight?

photo (37)

Day 293: 'let them eat cake?'...a belated birthday cake for our darling daughter!!


Day 294: sunny yellow gerber daisy!


Day 295: 'come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly?'


Day 296:..yet another morning with a 'thick blanket of fog'

photo (38)

Day 297: 'seven days without wine, makes one week?'..bottled, corked, capped and labeled~ ready for 'delivery'!!

photo (39)

Day 298: 'you and me, driving in the dark!'..336 kilometers and four hours later we arrived at our 'happy place'!..let the weekend begin!!

photo (40)

Day 299: a sunny autumn day in Keremeos


Day 300: just over the 'Red Bridge'..time to head towards home..


Day 301: a fine collection of carved pumpkins, already for Halloween!


Day 302: some songs just 'scream...Turn it up'!!


Day 303: the ever changing view..soon the leaves will all be gone..


Day 304: 'someone paw-tied' a little too much today!! Happy birthday Tucker!!! can't believe you are five already!


..yes..only two more months to go!!


  1. Yikes, that could be a good reason to ban bras!

  2. Unbelievable what damage that bra wire caused. Great photos for the balance of the won't be too long now and this photo task you set for yourself will be over.

  3. Hmm, maybe a switch to wireless? ;-) If it hadn't caused so much damage it would have almost been a funny story. Your "picture-a-day" definitely covers many slices of life!

  4. I LOVE that song. It is on full volume when I play it.

    Another great photo post. Great job!

  5. Almost there. Doug has 5 years of picture diary. Everyday he goes "on Oct 31, 2008..." interesting.

  6. Love that last picture of Tucker. What a guy!

  7. ...and this is the reason I never wear those damn bras anymore...Well...that ...and the comfort of letting the girls "hang out"..They are too old to be strapped in anymore!

  8. Ouch on the bra wire damage to the washer and the water damage to floor and condo below. Quite a truck pic!

  9. That's a lot of damage, from one little wire, I guess your insurance will cover the cost of the flooring and repairs to the ceiling below, still a pain though. Two more months to go, quite an accomplishment.

  10. If washing machine gets repair och!! washing clothes in hands very critical. So need to be bit careful in handling them. Your dogs are having a peaceful in a wonderful bed.

    All pictures are beautiful.

  11. Happy Birthday Tucker! And that cake looks delicious. :)

  12. Happy Birthday, Tucker! You look so angelic while you sleep with your feline brother! :)
    A week without wine...oh dear!!! Sorry for the repair bills! Good thing you got some wine! LOL


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