Saturday, November 16, 2013

the doldrums of November begin..

Day 305: 'just lying around?'..sure would be nice if 'someone' would put his toys away when he was done playing with them?


Day 306: how many wine glasses do two people need?..especially when only one of them drinks wine?


Day 307: Yes! We have no bananas!
We have no bananas today!


Day 308: 'how many more rows till this project is done?..seems to be taking forever!


Day 309: we are having the perfect weather to grow these 'fungi'..


Day 310: 'when are they coming back to fix the floor, Momma?..on the 12th, Tucker..soon, very soon!!


Day 311: anyone in need of a pair of 'cleats'..size 8.5..only been worn a few times!!


Day 312: a belated birthday gift for Tucker from his 'one and only' Kelly Kelly!!


Day 313: 'Making a new 'friend'...


Day 314: 'the forgotten fruit?' lonely pear..


Day 315: a small town Remembrance Day in Keremeos..Lest we forget..


Day 316: third time round for this pattern..I think I need to take a break and find a different one! Nice to see it FINALLY finished!!


Day 317: the repair is done! lets just hope we can get to the end of the year without another insurance claim!


Day 318: it took them two tries to get the baseboard paint done to my satisfaction..nice clean lines now and no white paint on the green walls..the only bad thing is now the other baseboards look like they need painting!!


Day 319: one of my least favourite housework the stove!


Day 320: a Saturday spent cleaning house..and the end result is a 'good one'!!


..almost done with this project..only 45 more photos!!

I can do it..I will not ‘quit’!!


  1. You are indeed a true trooper coming up with all those fine photos each & every day. I don't like cleaning the stove either. And oh how I remember the doldrums of those dark depressive November days in Canada............

  2. If you figure out how to get Tucker to pick up his toys, let me know and I will try it on Halley:)

  3. Almost done! November is also my least favorite month. Your blanket looks really pretty.

  4. It seems to me that you knitted that blanket really fast! Good job keeping up with the photo journal.

  5. Way to go Sue! Keep up with those photos cause the time is fast approaching when your self imposed project will end. The satisfaction of having completed it will be the just reward.

  6. Hang in there Sue - almost at year end. I hated cleaning the stove so much I bought a smooth top. Don't particularly like the way it cooks but it sure is easy to keep clean LOL!

  7. Hey, you're rounding the bend and almost done!!!

  8. Looking good! I like the baseboard job. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.


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