Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A different kind of Christmas..

Over the years we have had many different kinds of Christmas’s..

Some were very noisy and others have been quiet..and then there were those busy ones filled with family and friends..

Things have changed in the past few years..some friends have moved away, while others have parted ways..and some we just don’t see anymore..


This year is one of those different kinds of Christmas’s..a wee bit sad..but we will persevere through it..


Carlie had made other plans over the holidays so we had an early gift opening on Monday night..


..just a ‘few gifts’..




..Oliver waiting to pounce on the wrapping paper..


..all the ‘early gifts’ unwrapped ..and so ends ‘phase one’ of our Christmas 2013.

Christmas Eve,  Carlie left in the afternoon, so Doug and I headed out for  some Chinese Food..and then a quick tour of the some Christmas lights..

rae street 1

..Christmas morning we had a late ‘little kids’ here to wake us up early..



the four legged ‘kids’ were busy just ‘lazing around’..


Can we open the presents NOW???

Oliver and his new ‘toys’..


..a  new ‘Frisbee’ for Tucker and some new ‘bowls!’


..this was my ‘haul’…


..and Doug’s pile of gifts..


..our annual Christmas breakfast..


Oliver in his festive Christmas  ‘ribbon’..


Doug got his new ‘coffee station’ all set up..


before long it was time to get organized for dinner..

the stuffing..


..and the no longer  ‘frozen’ lump in the fridge..the Turkey is ready for the oven..

Breast side up?


or Breast down?


Table is set..just for two..


..the house is slowing filling the smells of a turkey cooking..


We had a ‘happy hour’ drink courtesy of a gift from Ron and Karen..


..and three hours or so after being put in the oven, the turkey is ready!


…the side dishes prepared and we were sitting down to eat just before 6:00


..a glass of wine or two..


….dinner was delicious and the plates were ‘cleaned up’ in no time!..

Feet up on the coffee table, finally..


..and ‘PO in a Bow’ making his presence known on the back of the couch..

IMG_3117 you ‘Momma’..

IMG_3119 as our Christmas 2013 draws to a may have a been a ‘different’ kind of Christmas this year..but it was still filled with love, food and good company and for that I am most thankful!

Here is  hoping that all my ‘peeps in blogville’ had a lovely Christmas surrounded by family and friends.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a ‘good night’!


  1. sounds like a wonderful day to me, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. It may have been a quiet Christmas, but it looks like a lovely one.

    We had a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

  3. Sounded and looked like a pretty nice celebration to me!

  4. We too only had two. It was wonderful. Least stressful Christmas dinner ever. And then we had 7 for dessert and drinks. Your furry friends are a hoot!

  5. It did look like a nice day to me, but I imagine you were comparing it to others. I've found sometimes in a situation like that, it helps to switch it up completely and do something completely different. Makes it a new experience and helps your mind not connect and compare. Like skip the turkey dinner for two and celebrate in another way. :) Just a thought for a future year.

  6. I lived alone for so many years that the norm for me became just me for Christmas. Adding Jim and then Todd was a true blessing. But I still prefer small gatherings. So your day sounds wonderful to me. We only had three extra for dinner and the rest of the day was just us. Oh - breast down.

  7. Sometimes those quiet Christmases are welcome..This one was for us. Was that eggs benedict I saw for breakfast?? Do you have a special recipe?? If so...I WANT IT!! Love your cat and dog....I have to say, I lean toward cats because we a common thread...naughty..

  8. It may have been a different Christmas but you made it special. And with the Keurig coffee maker, every day will be special now! :c)

  9. Awesome Christmas dinner shared. I always feel for those who are alone and have no one with whom to share the event. We are blessed. Enjoy the balance of the festive period. Loved your photos too.

  10. Your Christmas celebration sounds very similar to ours. At least Dave and I have each other to celebrate with!

  11. We had a quiet christmas here too, sometimes it's nice to just do things on your own time for a change! Merry Christmas and all the best in 2014!

  12. Sounds like you had a very peaceful and loving Christmas. Glad you were able to have an early Christmas with Carlie. Being and Doug has good points as well as sad points, but it appears ya'll capitalized on the good points!!
    Merry Christmas to you!!!!

  13. A quiet Christmas filled with reflections for us. Different it might have been, but it looks like you had a good one and Santa was good to you all.

  14. Merry Belated Christmas. As you said, it may have been quiet but you have each other, Oliver and Tucker so all is good. Dinner looked and sounded delicious. Hope you both have a very Happy New Year.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Merry Belated Christmas and may you have a wonderful New Year! Judy & John

  16. Happy New Years to you both hope you have an awesome 2014. Looked like a nice Christmas you two shared along with the fur kids.


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