Sunday, December 8, 2013

‘Baby it’s cold outside?’

This past week  has been all about the weather.. a cold snap has hit the lower mainland and dang it’s cold!!


How cold is it?..

cold enough to freeze a pop can?

pop can

this was the temperature one morning this week..a balmy –6.8..


oh sure some would say ‘we have that beat’ friend in Edmonton for example..-40 and then this past weekend she said it was –52 with the wind chill..

but what do we do when it gets cold?..well, we go where it’s even colder?

Yes, we ventured east to Keremeos..temperatures of –22 with the wind cold can that be?..most certainly not warm enough to be outside for any length of time..

A pre-Christmas visit to deliver our token gifts..sure they could have went on the Greyhound Bus but we figured what the heck..the weather gods were looking out for snow in the forecast for the mountain pass..

So we got up before 5 A.M on Saturday morning and ventured east to a ‘deep freeze’..

We stopped at Tim Hortons in Hope for breakfast..


and of course, something warm to drink..


ice on Cedar Lake just passed the Hope Slide..


only –20..the temperature is slowing getting colder..



-23 and we had not even reached the Allison Pass Summit..


by the time we got to the summit it was a balmy –26..


before long we were back down the other side and heading into the town of Princeton..


and then an hour or so later we were crossing the Red Bridge..


we had a nice visit with Ron and Karen..spending most of the time inside where it was warm..we may be crazy but not crazy enough to spend time outside?

The gifts were delivered..mission accomplished..time to head home Sunday afternoon where it is a bit warmer?


..our weather forecast this week?


..maybe a bit warmer? will have to wait and see..


  1. Great minds think alike haha!! I hope this is not a portend of things to come. It could be a long winter this year. Stay warm.

  2. Maybe the weather will warm up after this cold spell? One can hope, anyway. We're heading south to California, where hopefully there freezing low temperatures will warm up a bit, too!

  3. We are definitely warmer than you are but not near warm enough for me. We may have gotten up at 5:00 am for a garage sale but we didn't have to climb a mountain to do it. Glad you made it safely. Love that "mission accomplished".

  4. It got kinda cool in deep southeastern Arizona too! We live with the weather we are given!!!! It sure seems early for this kind of cool weather though.

  5. Yeppers...we had extreme windchill warnings here...only takes but seconds for frostbite to nip ya good!! ;)

  6. You're just a glutton for punishment and cold, aren't you! Try to stay warm.

  7. That's just too cold for me. It is so beautiful to see though. Glad you ventured out and had a safe trip...stay warm this week.

  8. And in Arizona?? Not fair. We come here for warmth. Where is it? it's coming.

    Sue - as usual your photographs are amazing.

  9. OK, I will now quite complaining about our cold snap here in Texas...Stay warm, retire and get on the road!

  10. What are you going to do when winter gets here and brings really cold weather? ;c)

  11. I think I would just stop looking at the temperature gauge:)

  12. Brrrrr…. I'm cold just LOOKING at those pictures!

  13. Hope you are keeping warm. Tim Horton's coffee will help!


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