Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 photos in 31 days…done!


As the month of January draws to a close..

the daily photo project continues..

Day 15: Fine wine and candlelight..too bad it's only Tuesday?


Day 16: The keys to the search on the World Wide Web?..or maybe just 'Facebook?'


Day 17: Wonderfully sweet with firm and creamy flesh, bananas come pre-packaged in their own yellow jackets..
Do I like bananas? Nope..they only have one purpose
as far as I am concerned..
soon my 'pretties' you will be
made into something else?


Day 18: the perfect use for those tad over ripe bananas..Banana Chocolate Chip Bread!


Day 19: A day trip to the land of heaven..according to the 'fisherman' in my life!!IMG_0452

Day 20: A chilly Sunday afternoon stroll at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody.IMG_0461

Day 21: Prepare-edness? Some say you should be prepared for the 'big one'..a three day supply of food and water in case of a catastrophe? Me? I am just glad if I have dinner 'prepared' before I go to work in the morning!


Day 22: Cheaters never win and winners never cheat..or do they?


Day 23: Got mail?..snail mail, that is!


Day 24: Ironing out the ‘wrinkles?’


Day 25: ‘Orange’ you glad it’s Friday..I sure am..


Day 26: just a small 'clue' as to what is on my Saturday morning agenda.


Day 27: the bridge to 'nowhere?'..Buntzen Lake Dog Park


Day 28: Pretty pink polka dots! it better to give or to receive?


Day 29: Stainless steel and glass..waiting for the weekend..will it be tea or a vanilla steamed milk?


Day 30: Making smiles trip to our dentist is complete without the ‘goodie bag’ and  the $5 Starbucks gift card for having to wait almost 30 minutes..


Day 31: The early morning ‘drop off’..dark and quiet but ‘open’..Have fun Tucker!


..made it to the end of the first month of the ‘daily photo project!..only 334 ’snaps’  to go!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Poster Child?

.. a ‘proud’ moment for us today..

Tucker' was chosen to be the ‘poster child’ for Uptown Dawg’s new promotion..

‘Some days, the dogs can't help but find the mud at the Ranch! We are now happy to offer a $20 bath for your pooch after they get back from the ranch to ensure they come home nice and clean!! Call to book your dog in for a fun filled adventure!!’


..there is our ‘sunshine boy’ covered in mud!..the new ‘muddy mascot’!

A couple of weeks ago he went on the ‘ranch run’ at doggie daycare ..


..the fenced in area that the girls take the dogs to was a ‘mud pit’ and of course Tucker was the ‘class clown’..


..maybe the mud is ‘theraputic’?..he was so happy!!..rolling in the mud!

Today was another day of daycare and yet another ‘ranch run’..all for a nominal fee of $12..


..that would be our boy on the bottom left..hard to tell the two ‘golden’s’ apart, especially since today there was no mud..

Pictures117 we had a ‘clean boy’ this afternoon, when we got home..

cost of this day of fun?

$12 for the two hour  ranch run

$26 for 10 hours of daycare

a tired dog? IMG_0445


Monday, January 14, 2013

The daily snap challenge?


I, for one will never be a daily blogger but this year I have decided to join a different kind of challenge..

Take a picture every day for 365 days..a year in our life?

I can do this..

Day 1..Happy New year!!
January 1st, 2013 at midnight..proof we stayed up to say so long's been nice to know you..


Day 2: an 'apple' a day..or maybe two or three?


bus fare, I-phone, house keys,gloves, scarf and inside the pack?..lunch, I-pad, umbrella, and a few other sundry items..hi ho hi to work I go!


Day 4:
"a tongue has no bones but it can break your heart"..
Be kind and use the 'cross-words' wisely!


Day 5:
Have passports...will travel! southbound to the good old USA..the land of cheaper gas, milk, cheese, chicken and 'dog food for the golden boy'!


Day 6: "makes no-scents?" five days a week my life is on the weekend it is 'fragrance time!


Day 7: 'rainy days and Mondays, always get me down?'


Day 8: 'Sweepin' it under the rug?'
Traditionally, brooms have been used to sweep away evil
and bad fortune. New brooms bring good luck...I think I need a few more?...


Day 9: Zero dark thirty?..the time my feet hit the floor and my day begins..zzz..oh to have the luxury to hit the snooze bar..please can I have 9 more minutes?


Day 10: 'my handy dandy budget binder' I don't use fancy computer program stuff.. a few good old fashioned pen black pen, pencil, ruler and the trusty calculator..some months there is more month than money and other months we do okay!


Day 11: so 'beary' glad it's Friday!!!


Day 12: no trip to the shores of Semiahmoo Bay is complete without the token picture of the 'White Rock


Day 13: well that would be a 'frosty Sunday?'


Day 14: Knit one purl one?
Maybe this scarf will be done before Spring?


so there you have the past two weeks..14 daily snaps done ..351 to go?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A ‘Frosty Sunday’

Winter is here..time to break out the gloves, toques and scarves..


The temperature last night was down to –6 celcius….not exactly a warm spring day!


Carlie and I ventured out this morning for a walk on the dyke..(yes the same one that Doug and I went to about two weeks ago) But today the scenery was different..


..a sea of white..frosty white..


..the reflections were still there..


..and no one dared to sit on the benches..


Tucker had a great time, chasing his ball and running back and forth..

IMG_0409 least today we could see the mountains off in the distance..


..of course Tucker went for a swim?IMG_0417

He doesn’t care if the water has a skiff of ice on it..


There was a heron sitting at the water’s edge..he looked like he needed a sweater?


..and the swans were still there..except this time there were, yes..wait for it..Seven of them..’Seven swans a swimming?’


..a nice ending to a sunny winter weekend..


Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...