Thursday, February 28, 2013

Second half of February..

Day 46: The Valentine’s Day gifts..just a small token..


You don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without."
Since our first Valentine's Day together in 1980 and now 33 years are still my one and only..the love of my life and my very 'best friend'..

Day 47: Maintenance Day..some days it is all about the ‘hair’..


Day 48: Some days those 'brick walls' keep popping up..


Day 49: 'got milk?'.. we made a trip to the USA yesterday and our purchases included the usual milk and cheese..two for the price of one!


Day 50: a 'pinwheel of choices'..light or dark or somewhere in between?..too many to choose from, maybe we should just 'spin the wheel' and hope for the best?


Day 51: 'I'm watching you'....'bear-ly' hanging on till Friday!


Day 52: 'the time-sucker'..I was introduced to Pinterest last year and never really explored all it had to offer..that was until I received my IPad for Christmas.
There are many 'time-suckers' on the internet like Facebook,blog reading, game playing just to name a I can add Pinterest to my ever growing list..


Day 53: yet another knitting project on the go..too bad it's only 5:45 A.M. and 'work' is where I need to go today..the rain is coming down and it sure would be nice to be able to sit on the couch and knit the day away! least it's Friday..only 10 hours and 10 minutes till the weekend begins!


Day 54: we have all heard of 'dogs with jobs'..but we have a cat who thinks he has many jobs. 1. guarding the yarn
2. the alarm clock
and now the latest job is 3. keeping the 'fresh from the dryer laundry' from being folded.
He is a great companion on his terms and his terms only!


Day 55: Waiting on Spring..can hardly wait for those warm spring mornings when we can sit on the sundeck and enjoy our morning coffee..soon..very soon...


Day 56: Say it isn't can't possibly be Monday morning was just Friday two day ago?


Day 57: 20 days later and this is what we have done to the kitchen..isn't it lovely? I think we should just leave it as is..a 'thin skiff of cement' for flooring?..this new decor should 'catch on' eventually?


Day 58: 'Egg-actly'...which came first..the chicken or the egg?


Day 59: Maybe, just maybe, this time next month we will be 'happy campers'? the month of February ends with this photo..spring will be here before we know it!!

IMG_0721 Project 365 continues, tomorrow I will turn the calendar and a new month filled with new beginnings and new photos to capture the day to day life.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the first 14 days of February..

the daily photo a day process continues..

Day 32: In 1976 the uniform for the nurses was a white dress, white shoes, white nylons and of course the token white nurse’s forward to today and of course that 'style' is no more..this is my Friday ensemble..'Happy 'Fly Day' everyone..butterflies that is!!


Day 33: a morning spent 'kicking some tires and dreaming’..did we find that perfect motorhome?..not this time contenders at this RV show.


Day 34: Some 'people' take their work very my new 'guarder of the yarn'!


Day 35: 'game..set..Monday morning match?..let the week begin..'


Day 36: 'Tickle your fancy?'


Day 37: Shapes?..curves and straight lines


Day 38: We all know that oil and water don't mix but what happens when a leaking dishwasher hits laminate flooring..just a very small piece of a much bigger 'mess'..hard to capture the 'damage'..but all we know is that half of our kitchen floor looks like this....what to doIMG_0535

Day 39: Hot and sudsy..resorting to doing dishes the old fashioned way?


Day 41: 'ob·liv·i·ous..Not aware of or not concerned about what is happening around one.'
Carlie and I went to Stanley Park today and as we were walking we noticed this wedding party taking photos along beach..the funny thing was the woman in the red outfit lying on the beach reading her book?..was she just oblivious to the events happening around her or was the wedding party the ones that were oblivious?'s kind of like who was there first??

Day 42: It's what's for dinner..


Day 43: ‘slip slidin’ away’..the park is a lonely place on a rainy afternoon.


Day 44: Awww nuts..why isn't it Friday??


Day 45: Happy Valentine’s Day! it really just ‘another day’?..or is it Valentine’s Day every day at your house?


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day ‘Tripping’


Our ‘long weekend’ is but a distant memory..the fans and dehumidifier left this morning..


..all is quiet finally and the dishwasher is repaired..$182 later but at least I don’t have to do dishes the ‘camping’ way anymore..

Now we wait until the insurance adjuster does the paper work and then we can choose our new flooring material..

To escape the noise of the ‘fans’ this weekend there were a few walks..


..our local lake  is pretty this time of year, even in the rain..


..Carlie and I ventured into Vancouver..


for a walk along the seawall in Stanley Park..


..a lovely day for a stroll..if only Tucker would walk in a ‘straight line’..

While we were downtown, Doug had his own adventure..a ‘boy’s day out’..two men making a ‘break for it’..IMG_0573

…it was an early start as the sun came up over the mountains..


..the Harrison Mills area..


along the Fraser Canyon towards the town of Boston Bar..


..breakfast of champions and rice krispie square for dessert..


..want a bite?


..Doug and Dean have been friends since  grade 8.. a very long time ago..

IMG_0609 old church in the town of Spences Bridge..


lots of frozen rivers..



and some wild life along the way..



..a campsite along the river..


one we will definitely be back to once the snow melts..


..the truck was changing colour with each mile travelled..


..and then..there it was?..our dream rv parked in a perfect spot..not a soul around..



..we better bring it home before the ‘spring thaw’?


..the miles continued as Logan Lake was the next destination..


..more frozen lakes and ice fishing..


..the Kane Valley..I am sure it is much warmer here in the summer time!


..looks to me like someone will be busy with a ‘bucket of soapy water’ soon.IMG_0667 there you have our ‘day tripping weekend’..thanks for riding along..

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...