Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 16 and beyond..

Day 167: A rare Sunday evening drive to the Abbotsford airport..Carlie is back from Edmonton, Alberta!


Day 168: 'yes, I know, the cat, again?' but this is a strange one..he has assumed the same position as what the dog does when he lays by door? never seen him lay here before? is he a cat who thinks he is a dog? next thing you know we are going to have to take him outside on leash?


Day 169: rises in the east and sets in the the sun sets on yet another more day closer to summer vacation!!


Day 170: one would think with computers there would not be as much 'paper'?..not so at our house..junk mail and more junk mail..I think I need a new filing system?


Day 171: Summer Solstice on the 'Wet Coast'..the most daylight hours today and we have rain and more need for sunscreen today!

photo (16)

Day 172: 'bloomin' glad it's Friday!!


Day 173: 'popped up' in the underground..getting organized for vacation!! soon, very soon it will be time to head south!IMG_1544

Day 174: Buntzen Lake..Sunday afternoon destination. picnic in hand and 'frisbee' in dog's mouth and all is right with our world!!


Day 175: wishing you all a ‘berry’ happy Monday!


Day 176: I may be dating myself but to me this blooming bud looks like the little puppet, Lambchop?..I see the resemblance, do you?


Day 177: 'the burger fixin's' what are you 'fixing'' for dinner?


Day 178: 'Tiger Lily' 'or-ange' you glad it's almost the weekend?'


Day 179: My 'Friday night view'


Day 181: 'up on the roof'.. Me? My feet are on the ground where they belong!!


..and so ends the month of June..almost half way done this 365 photo project Bring on the month of July!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 2013

Day 152: 'sh#$ happens?' a day trip south of the border for a package pick up!

photo (15)

Day 153: just part of my 'shipment' always looking for a deal and this was a good one!!!


Day 154: The Alouette River.. Alco Park, Maple Ridge.


Day 155: 'feel the breeze'?..the start of 'fan' season?


Day 156: 'same pattern'.. new wool and a new project in the works..


Day 157: 'my pretty blue eyed computer buddy' you, Momma!!


Day 158: we are 'running as fast as we can'!


Day 159: A lovely Saturday spent with my DH~ destination? Chilliwack Lake


Day 160: Sunday night dinner with a glass of 'fine white' on the side.


Day 161: 'Broken?'~does a broken 'cookie' taste the same as a whole one? Poor Tucker will be finding out~Me? I am writing to Milk-Bone Canada to complain!!


Day 162: 'just one more row' ~~I confess, I am a late night knitter`~~ nothing like the peace and quiet, television off and everyone in bed. The downside to this is the early morning alarm clock!


Day 163: 'come into my parlour' said the spider to the fly..
this spider web is on the street lamp pole just outside our sundeck..I wonder how many flies and other such bugs the 'resident' has caught?


Day 164: 'cross stitch'..a long lost hobby that use to occupy my time..


Day 165: 'whizzing on by'...rainy days and Fridays?...maybe the sun will come out tomorrow?IMG_1515

Day 166: 'lemon-ie' goodness!! fresh from the oven...Starbucks lemon loaf!!


..still plugging away at this 365 photo project..what was  I thinking?

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lucky Dawg?


A day in the life of Tucker..from his viewpoint?

Oh, to be the ‘famous’ golden retriever of blogville..or is it ‘infamous?

‘ I try really hard to be a good dog’..but there are days when I just can’t control myself’

Momma, what is the difference between ‘famous or infamous?’

‘Famous is something popular that everybody knows about.
Infamous is something that's famous, but for a bad reason.’

‘Well, I think I  would much rather be now on with my day..

My mom and dad get up really early..Momma calls it o’dark thirty’..most days Dad  gets up way before that..


I get up most mornings with Dad and he takes me out so I can do my ‘business’ outside on my ‘lawn’..there are lots of smells from all the other dogs so it’s always fun to venture outside and smell who has been out there..


Dad leaves for ‘work’ soon after and then if I am a lucky boy I get to ‘go back to bed’..


..this is always least until Mom decides it is time to make the bed..geesh!!

Most days I stay home, while my ‘peeps’ are at ‘work’..they always say they need to work to keep my in the lifestyle I have become accustom too?..I have no idea what this means?


..this is where I stay most of the time when they are not home..see that big chair in the corner?..that’s ‘my chair’..Momma says it’s called ‘fur-niture’..mostly because it usually has some remnants of my fine golden ‘fur’ on it?

I am not alone though..I have my ‘brother’ here, too..the ‘cat’!..he can be fun to play with sometimes..he thinks he is pretty ‘special’..not as famous as me, though..


I sleep all is ‘hard work’ being so ‘good’..

When Mom and Dad finally come home after work, I greet them, wag my tail and bring them a ‘present’..I am so happy when they finally come back….then we get to go to the ‘park’..


..this is the best part my day.. I love to chase my ball!!!

Not all my days are spent at home though, one day a week I am lucky enough to go to daycare!


..maybe those are my favourite days?..

playing with my ‘buddies’..


chasing the balls.. 406357_10152631573870096_488157029_n

and rolling in the mud..


..or maybe my favourite days are ones where I get to ride in the ‘orange box’ and there is a ‘white box’ following close behind?..


Whenever I go for a ‘jeep ride’ there is usually a ‘swim’ at the end of the ride..


I may spend most of days waiting for my ‘peeps’ to come home but when they do ‘we make the most of it’..I know I am one Lucky Dawg!!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Looking for a Deal?


The day to day costs of  just running a household seem to keep going up..

Sure there are sale prices and coupon clipping just to save a bit of money.

We work hard for our money and trying to cut costs is always in the back of our minds.

We have discovered one way to save a few dollars is by travelling to the USA and buying a few items south of the border.

We know that, yes we have to drive and that costs money but there are some weekends when we are just looking for something to do so we would be driving why not find a ‘deal or two’..

The price of milk?


here at home..a gallon of milk is $4.35 and today at Costco in Bellingham I paid $4.79 for two gallons of milk.

Chicken breasts are $22 for 12 and here at home we pay $26.00 for 6.


and of course the token cheddar cheese is also almost half the price..


the price of gas? Well, our gas here is $5.33 a gallon and today we paid $3.67.

and then there is always the entertainment watching all the B.C’ers fill up their cars and all the ‘gerry cans’ they have in the trunks!


Dog and cat food is  almost a $20 savings per bag..



and now my latest deal is ‘my new/old hobby’ of knitting..

I purchased some yarn on line from Joanne’s and had it shipped to ‘Ship Happens’ in Sumas, Washington.

photo (15)

I got the yarn on sale at $1.97 a piece, purchasing 34 balls for about $68 plus the $10 fee for using ‘Ship Happens’


Now if I had bought the same amount of yarn at home.. it sells for $5.99 a ball  it would have been well over $200.


So as you can see there are ‘deals to be had’ you just need to know where to look.

Now I had better get busy, looks like I have some knitting to do!!



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