Monday, August 26, 2013

Time and effort..

This blog was ‘born’ over five years ago..hard to fathom how much time and effort has gone into the writing and photography.  Maybe it’s better not to think of that..

I do think of all the hopes, dreams, travels and the  friends we have met over the past five years.  A lot of time has been spent  to create this ‘on line scrapbook’. and along with that it has created what I like to think is a ‘blogging family’..

Over seven hundred posts and almost 7000 comments..things have changed for me over the last few years..have I become a ‘writer’..a ‘photographer?’, just a blogger who shares her life with those who are interested enough to read the posts that are created.

The last few days I have looked over some of the comments from the early days and realized how as the blog evolved so did the audience..the commenters have changed over the last few years..some have moved on..some don’t blog anymore, some are no longer with us…and some have changed lifestyles so blogging is not part of their daily activities.

Has my life changed enough to stop the blogging? Am I done sharing our lives with my ‘followers’? Not too sure about that..will have to wait and see..


Oh, sure I know that I have annoyed a few with my thoughts and happenings, but such is life..we can’t all get along all the time..

We have almost reached what was suppose to be our big ‘milestone’…’keeping an eye on the prize’ was our mantra when this blog was born..but now as Summer 2013  is drawing to a close and 2014 will be here before we know it..

Will this dream become a reality?..and what is the ‘dream’..over the last few years our hopes and dreams have evolved just as this blog has…

Our plans change and then they change what will happen when next year hits?…only time will can only hope that what ever events transpire we will be happy with the choices we have made..

We are healthy, have good jobs and a roof over our heads..we have family and friends and for that we are most grateful..

In closing I just want to say thank you for reading along with me/us for the last five years. We will take each day as it comes and we are still ‘keeping an eye on the prize’ even if the prize changes.




Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two can ‘Tango?’

Sometimes when you find a place you really like to ‘camp’ you just want to keep going back..

That was the plan yet again  this past weekend..


..the Larson Hill exit on the Coquihalla Highway, one more time, just for ‘old time’s sake?’

We left home at about 3:30 and were parked and set up by 7:30..

Same campsite as last time..except this time we wouldn’t be alone..

Dean and Theresa were joining us along with Dean’s daughter, Jaime and her dog, Missy..


Jaime arrived first and then Dean and Theresa were about an hour after her..coming in after dark is not a problem for these campers..Dean’s trailer is ‘decked out’ with a ton of problem for him to back up into a dark campsite!

We enjoyed a ‘campfire’ and some conversation before calling it a night..

Saturday morning, the sun was out so we enjoyed our new ‘seating’ with our coffee..



..Tucker is not with us on this trip so there will be no ‘golden swimming’ photos..We had fun but ‘camping life’ is not complete without a ‘wet and stinky’ dog....

Dean kept us amused though..


after breakfast the ‘boys’ decided to go fishin’..


..Dean caught one poor little minnow and there was a school of very large fish under the bridge but they weren’t biting what the boys were ‘serving’?


Jaime decided to try on her Dad’s waders..just for fun..


and Missy is not a ‘swimmer’ like our Tucker so she enjoyed working on her ‘tan’..


another view of the Coldwater River..


from the other side of the bridge..



We enjoyed a barbequed steak dinner courtesy of the ‘Tango’ family..and another campfire..and of course, some Disaronna..

Sunday morning we provided the entertainment as our ‘neighbours’ sat in their chairs watching the ‘show’ as we packed up and popped glad we could entertain!!


.. our weekend with the ‘Tango’ family was a success..


as we said so long to my ‘new favourite campsite’..

IMG_2496we followed the ‘Tang0’ heading south onto the Coquihalla Highway..


but not before having to stop at yet another ‘accident scene’..


We had heard the sirens before we vacated the campsite and wondered if we could come across anything? Looks like this car came from the other direction, lost control and flipped over, landing on the opposite side of the highway?


We parted ways in Hope as Dean and Theresa had to do the ‘rv thing’ of empting their ‘tanks’..

We were crossing the Port Mann Bridge just before 1:30..


..and were home before 2:00..yet another successful weekend of ‘camping fun’!

Where are we off to next weekend???

Stay tuned..

Thursday, August 22, 2013

32 years..


another anniversary is upon us..

Our first date was on  August 5th  1979..and we have been together ever since..


And on this day, August 22nd, 1981..  32 years ago, today..


I married my ‘best friend’ and the ‘love of my life’..


We were barely 22 years old and filled with hopes and dreams..

IMG_2390 forward a few years and Carlie was born in 1985..


As I look back I wonder where the time has gone..

We have had some tough times and some good times..who ever said that being married is easy is not telling the truth..


Lots of give and take over the years but we have persevered and made it through the rough patches..

Sure we have made some mistakes but that is what being married is all about..


Now here we are looking at the next phase in our life..


..we can only hope that the next thirty two years will be everything we are hoping for..

Wish us may be a ‘bumpy ride’ but we can handle it, we made it this far!!

Happy Anniversary to my darling husband, my best friend and the love of my life even after all these years..


“If we  live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.”

― Winnie the Pooh



Monday, August 19, 2013



When I first started blogging it was just a way to create an on-line scrapbook. It was filled with all our day trips, camping weekends, vacations, family life and our hopes and dreams.


As the blog evolved so did the  ‘deep rooted’ interest in all the other blogs out there on the internet.

I was of course interested in all the writings of the ones who travelled full time in their rv’s or the part timers and  the ones who were deemed snowbirds.


I soaked in as much information as I could absorb in the hopes that one day we would be one of those ‘full-timers’ travelling the highways and side roads.

Exploring the beautiful country that we live in and the one south of us too was the  plan. To see a different view out the windshield and have an ever changing ‘backyard’ was all we could think about.


What fun it would  be to be a ‘travelling gypsy’ with a house on wheels.

In the last five years since this blog was started we have created a ‘network’ of ‘friends’ all over the country. We have even been fortunate enough to meet a few of them along the way.

Those moments of meeting a ‘cyber friend’ are just like meeting an ‘old friend’. Blogs have a way of opening up your life for everyone to read about.


Depending on what the purpose is of your blog, some write about their daily activities, their families, the weather, their travelling adventures and even their health issues.

All these topics open up your life and let ‘people in’. Oh, sure some only write about the good ‘stuff’  or the token topics that are deemed to be ‘blog worthy’.

With blogging, as with Facebook the internet  has created a good ‘tool’ for sharing what’s new in your  life..with the simple  click of a mouse

  • holiday photos can be posted on line
  • a new baby in the family?
  • someone getting married?
  • a new pet ?
  • a new vehicle ?
  • new RV ?
  • new house?
  • win the lottery?

one simple click and you have spread the ‘news’ just depends what you choose to share?

  At least for us ..gone are the days of going to someone’s house to see their ‘slides’ from their vacation..or even to call someone on the phone to share the news or send a letter..the wonders of the internet have changed the ‘social aspect’ of sharing..


But for me, as my blog has evolved into a ‘small piece of history’ that is our ‘life’…

There have been many times over the last few years where a conversation will bring up a topic?

  • When did we go there?
  • What campsite were we in?
  • who did we meet there?

So to have all this information readily available has come in very handy at those times.

This blog has ‘evolved’ to the point where it is a ‘documentation of our life’.


The trials and tribulations, the good, the bad, the ugly and the reality of life in general.

There was a beginning five years ago..and now five years later are we at the end or is it a ‘start of a new beginning?’


Our plans for retirement have evolved, just as we have..the more things change the more they stay the same?


Plans are made of ‘jello’ and truth be told we just have to wait and see what evolves..


Thanks for riding along with us, even though there have been some ‘bumps in the road’ and there will be some ‘hurdles’ to jump over we will look forward to tomorrow and to next year and the year after that..

Stay tuned..and thanks for letting us ‘share our lives’ with all of  you..




Saturday, August 17, 2013

Step back in time?

Heading south to the land of red, white and blue..our mission was to find new chairs for our next camping adventure.

Today was going to be a day of waiting in border line ups. There was no escaping it.

We arrived at the border just after 12:20 and we didn’t cross in the USA until 2:00.

Good thing there was lunch to eat and the I-pad to keep us amused!

Oh and there was the guy who ran out of gas in the line up and had to do the ‘walk of shame’ with his little gas can.



across the Skagit River at a ‘snail’s pace..


For those who know us, our destination today, is of course, Cabela’s but first we stopped at Costco for a few items and some gas.

Such a deal on the gas, at home we are paying 1.39 a litre and the price in Marysville today was $3.63, a savings of $37.00


 I had found some chairs on line last week and thought they looked pretty good. Not a bad price. We had two choices..

this one was priced at $49.99


and then I spotted this one for $44.99


both are good quality but the first one is more comfortable and a bonus was the fact that the first one was now on sale for $34.99. The other one was sort of stiff and not nearly as comfy!

So you know of course we purchased the cheaper ones. We can hardly wait to try them out on our next camping trip.

Speaking of we were leaving Cabela’s we spotted a few trailers parked just outside the store..they were ‘bee-utiful’..our dream rv in the making!??


this one was our favourite, I wonder why?


but there were others..

IMG_2367 - Copy_thumbIMG_2368 - Copy_thumbIMG_2369 - Copy_thumbIMG_2370 - Copy_thumbIMG_2371 - Copy_thumbIMG_2372 - Copy_thumbIMG_2380 - Copy_thumb

so cute..and very well done..


The ladies that were displaying these old beauties were from a group called

Sisters on the Fly..what a hoot they were!!!

We stopped at Walmart as I was on the hunt for some Rachael Ray items..there are some items that  come in orange!..but I didn’t really see anything that we needed so that was a bust!

Shopping is done..dinner at the Olive Garden and then we headed for home..


Surprise surprise..yet another border line-up..


the setting sun kept me amused for a while..



and then there were the lights of the Duty Free Store..


once we got the border, the sun had set and it was dark..only a few questions?

  • how long have we been gone?
  • where do we live?
  • total value of goods? $225
  • ammo?
  • tobacco?
  • liquor?
  • fruits or vegetables?

and then the last one was

  • do we have more than $10,000 cash on us?..

we wish!!

Have a nice day! thanks for riding along with us!! or maybe there was more ‘waiting than riding?’

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