Monday, September 30, 2013

Second half of September

Day 259: 'found money' this morning..the brand new twenty dollar bill on my way to the bus..and then when I went to put it in my wallet I discovered two more twenties?..don't remember them even being in there?..we were away all weekend and I used my debit card because I didn't think I had any 'cash?'..


Day 260: anyone looking for the 'fountain of youth?'..


Day 261: my 'magnetic personality?'


Day 262: a 'sign' that the summer season is done..the 'air conditioner's work is finished for 2013!


Day 263: Lucky 13 has a new perch..


Day 264: What's in your fridge?..


Day 265: the old Port Mann looks very small in comparison to the new one? and some angry clouds too..welcome to Fall 2013!

photo (29)

Day 266: rainy days and Mondays, but the sun is 'really hard' to overtake the clouds..

photo (30)

Day 267: " my hairy lampshades"


Day 268: 'got game?..I spend time playing games on the computer..and then I found this 'game' in the closet..Mexican Train..may have to break it out of the box again!!


Day 269: my knitting projects have gone by the wayside in the warm weather..but now that Fall has arrived it will be time again to work on this!!


Day 270: hard to believe that 33 years have gone by since Ron and Karen got married!! Happy anniversary to you both!!! You haven't changed a bit!!!


Day 271: we had the pleasure of sharing in the post wedding celebrations of Lindsey Florio and her husband Chas..married last month in Vermont..may you have many years of wedded bliss!!


Day 272: Sunday night dessert! pumpkin cheesecake!


Day 273: 'that's go to work Momma..I will just keep the chair warm until you get home'


..and so ends yet another month..hard to believe that there is only three more months and 2013 will be over!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 2013

another month is upon us..

We have just returned from an impromptu  one night trip to Keremeos..we took the long way around..

I captured this photo out the windshield on the way home on Sunday night..

Day 244:  The open road..heading west towards home..IMG_2550

Day 245: 'a labour of love' ..our golden boy is a make work project..geesh! why didn't I put a sheet on the backseat of the car?


Day 246: the start of a new year..School year that is..been a long time since we had to worry about pencils, pens, books and homework!!


Day 247: a pretty yellow 'sunflower'..


Day 248: all work and no 'play'..a quiet morning at the playground...


Day 249: a Friday night storm..heading east towards Princeton


Day 250: 'grapes on the vine'


Day 251: the West gate, bathroom break in the sunshine!!


Day 252: there are some 'foreign items' on my dining room table this morning?...I kind of recognize them?...
after 60 glorious days of is now TIME to head back to work..


Day 253: 'seriously?...another work day?..geesh..can't you be on 'vacation again, Momma?'

IMG_2634Day 254: the cat cares..but time for some 'equal billing'...

IMG_2635Day 255: wonder where the 'golden child' spent his day?


Day 256: with summer winding down and the sun  setting earlier  our drive to Keremeos after work today wound up being mostly in the dark..


Day 257: we escaped the confines of Riverside Orchard and went into the big town of Penticton..


Day 258: Heading back towards home…one token photo of the Hope Slide..


..half way through the month of September..sure there are days when I wonder why oh why did I start this project?.. one more week and there will be less than 100 days to go!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer is winding down?


the photo a day project continues..

Day 228: Ironing out the wrinkles, yet again....doing the chore I dislike the most..but at least I can be outside.


Day 229: sunset in Blaine, Washington. We spent the day in the good old USA and as we waited at the border this evening this was our view!


Day 230: yesterday we went to our favourite store south of the border and we came home with some new seating for camping...we call them 'big ass' chairs'..meant for 'tall people'.. we had someone who was 'vertically challenged' demonstrate how 'big they actually are'  Please notice that her feet don't even touch the ground! thanks for being a good sport T.


Day 231: 'some days are all about 'comfort'..comfort-able clothes and 'comfort food' old, old recipe from my childhood.."Coffee Cake''..a delicious cake topping with a sauce underneath..yummy when warm from the oven with whip cream!


Day 232: a few days ago, Doug went down to the storage locker to get something..he found what he was looking for but then he had a bit of an 'avalanche'..
geesh..I guess the 'royal we' as in 'me' is going to have to clean all this up?


Day 233: Sure is a good thing that 'life' isn't like this?


Day 234: Happy anniversary to us! Not ONE bouquet, but TWO!! so pretty!!! thank you to my darling husband and daughter!!


Day 235: Sunset over Larson Hill..


Day 236: the best 'seat in the house'..our Saturday morning view..


Day 237: the Coldwater River

IMG_2474Day 238: can we go for a car ride???IMG_2513

Day 239: can't see the forest for the trees?


Day 240: a 'crevasse' of fur?

photo (27)

Day 241: A summer storm, rain, wind, thunder and lightning..

photo (25)

Day 242: riding in the elevator?


Day 243: Road Trip..the long way around to Keremeos..


and so ends the month of summer is drawing to a close..

only 122 more photos to go..

the start of a ‘new year’ is beginning..for me the month of September has always felt more like the beginning of a new year, rather than January..

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...