Saturday, January 4, 2014

That’s the way the ‘ginger-snaps?’

Only four days into the new year..two work days and the rest are ‘off days’…

On New Year’s day we ventured east towards the town of Deroche..


We had two reasons for going for a drive..


one was for ‘pepperoni, beef jerky and fries’..


..and the other was to look for the ever elusive “Eagles”..

We made a stop at Kilby Provincial Campground..


..there were some ‘die hard campers’ sitting around a roaring campfire!!


..remnants of ‘dead salmon’..

IMG_3137IMG_3135 running free for the ‘golden boy’..


there were far too many dead fish..we knew it would be too tempting..especially since Tucker likes to ‘roll’ in all kinds of ‘interesting smells’..


we did find somewhere for him to run around of dead fish..


Heading towards home we stopped along the side of road..spotting some eagles in the trees..


a cloudy New Year’s day comes to an least we had some success..

back to work for two days..and then Saturday morning, the sun was shining..a bit chilly out but a good day for a walk on beach..

Destination?..’Coney Island?’ not the on the Eastern Seaboard..


White Rock..we have been here numerous times over the years..and a walk along the shores of Semiahmoo Bay is always a lovely way to spend an afternoon..



quite a few people had the same idea, so we were not alone..lots of groups with cameras, and huge ‘lenses’..trying to capture the ever present ‘seagull/ pigeon?’


IMG_3177’s almost 12:30..time for lunch!!  ‘Coney Island’ was our choice, when we first arrived it was closed?..what a what?

but by the time we walked to pier and back again..the gate was unlocked and the fish and chips were being prepared!!


lunch was delicious..along with the strawberry shakes!

So glad the we made the trip to ‘Coney Island’!!..a lovely ‘date’ afternoon!!

..On the way home we stopped for a few groceries and when we were putting them away, I had opened a package of ginger snaps to put in a jar..much to my dismay, more than half the box of cookies were ‘burnt?’..2014_01_04

..sure the box only cost us a $1 but it’s the principal of the whole needless to say I sent off an email to Dare to complain..maybe there will be a few coupons in the mail from them?

It’s not the first time I have written an email to a company about their product..remember the broken milk bones?..I received $10 worth of coupons from them.


..sometimes it doesn’t hurt to complain..the ‘squeaky wheel gets the grease’ after all.. where was Tucker today?..well since no dogs are allowed on the promenade at White Rock..he was getting ‘de-stink-i-fied’..


..he smells wonderful again!! least until the next time!

Thanks for visiting…I am hoping that this year will be a ‘blog-worthy’ year!


  1. I can't wait to read about what 2014 has in store for the two of you! Good start! I always enjoy seeing your pictures, but only when you feel like taking pictures. ;-)

  2. Looks like a nice day and the wait for Coney Island to open up paid off.

  3. I love to look at photos of bald eagles. They are magnificent!

    Good idea to write an email. Companies SAY they always want to hear from the consumer....good or bad. Let us know what happens.

  4. Yup.. it's worth it to call attention to inferior products, and sometimes pays off in the best ways for reaping the customer service when companies realize their mistakes. Good for you!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. Complaining about a product for legitimate reasons is good ... helps to better the product for everyone. Then there are those who find something nitpicky to complain about solely to get something for free ... that's not good.

  6. I did the same thing--had never complained about a product before and received several coupons in the mail when I did.

  7. Love that boy of yours. Rolling in the grass with his ball. He looks so fluffy and pretty. I love dates like yours. So much fun.

  8. Nice day out in the eastern Fraser Valley. Your pup sure looks to have enjoyed the open space to run and roll.

  9. Onse of the things I enjoyed during our month in San Diego was having my daughters Golden, Sandy, around. We do not want another dog, but I still love them. Happy New Year to you all.

  10. Seems to me that you had "Florida-Style" temperatures.

  11. Glad you had nice weather for your White Rock visit and that you got your fish and chips after all. Also looked like a nice Fraser Valley visit. Have a great Sunday!

  12. I totally agree with you about the squeaky wheel theory. We had a horrible experience at a Disneyworld hotel once when our kids were little..When we got home, I wrote a letter...and they sent us 5 free passes into the Magic Kingdom...We used them the following year..Keep demanding quality..I do too!

  13. Man if you can writet blogs like this from Stix n Brix, imagine what they will be like on the road.

  14. I can imagine that Tucker would not have minded rolling around in the remains of the fish:)

  15. That's a much nicer Coney Island than the one in Brooklyn, NY.

    Poor Tucker looked so sad on that leash. :c(

  16. I can sure relate to why Tucker was on leash. Rusty always loved to roll in 'stuff', the smellier the better. Then he would come directly to me to show me what he had found. Your day at Coney Island sounds great. Would love to have some fish and chips - YUM!

  17. Looks like a nice start to the new year! Ginger snaps sound good . . . but not burnt one -- I'm with you, it's the principle! Good Job!

  18. Tucker look great dirty or clean. I'm sure you know in as much as you avoided the dead fish, but when I was in Oregon Jack got very sick. I took him to a vet and he told me about Salmon Fever--dogs get it and are gone in a week. I told him that Jack hadn't eaten any samon, to my knowledge, and he said they can get it just from sniffing animal feces--don't have to eat a fish. It's the only shot that ever made him cry. I felt so badly.

    Love seeing pictures of the northwest. Pats to Tucker.

  19. Love the White Rock pics...lived there quite a few years and miss BC so much!


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