Sunday, March 23, 2014

Releasing the ‘hounds?’

When this blog was ‘born’ almost six years ago, coming up with a name was an easy one..after reading many blogs we realized that our ‘RV’ needed a name..


Doug’s nickname being ‘Bigdawg’..we just needed another name to add to being ‘dog lovers’ we searched the internet looking for a ‘dog name’ that ‘flowed’..and

‘Bigdawg and Freeway’ was born..


No matter what RV we have had over the past few years we never strayed from this was our ‘identity’ no matter what we were ‘camping in’..

So if you have been following along through all the trials and tribulations that is our life..we want to say thank you….

Fast forward to this year..and there is a new ‘Bigdawg and Freeway’..

We have gone from this..

IMG_2328 this..


sometimes it takes a while to finally get things ‘right’..and for us this is ‘perfection’ works..and it fits…

Yes, we had a Cougar travel trailer before, but it was a smaller one…this one is 27 feet long and fits us to a ‘tee’..


..this past weekend we made our first trip  to visit our ‘little white box’..1974720_253191438195973_1132746891_n was time to release it from it’s ‘pink antifreeze’ hibernation, in  the hopes that it survived the –23 degree weather over the past few months..

10013696_261319477383169_2037761690_nMy sister-in-law sent us this picture on Friday the sun was shining….the white stuff is gone as is the ‘water’ that had surrounded it over the past few weeks as the snow melted..

Friday afternoon couldn’t come fast enough..

Doug is off work at 1:30 and he picked me up at the hospital and by 2:00  we were heading east towards Keremeos..the Hope Princeton Highway  was snowy..


but before long the blue sky appeared..

IMG_3270just before 6:30 we pulled in the driveway..the anticipation was over and now we could prepare our ‘home on wheels’ for  it’s first full camping season..



…water tank filled, furnace on..lines were flushed..water heater turned on..and then the unloading began!

IMG_3285IMG_3284 no time at all things were unpacked and we were settled in..

our mascots are perched on the back of the sofa, with their buddy, Bart..(yes, the adventures of Bart will continue this year)

IMG_3292IMG_3286 you can see, my love of the colour orange continues.


IMG_3281 the weekend fun can begin!!

Saturday morning sunrise..


I baked a cake in the oven..oh, sure it came out of box..but it was a cake still the same..


Butter Pecan with Cream Cheese icing..our contribution to Saturday night dinner..


..Saturday afternoon it started to snow?..


..we were tucked in nice and warm..reading, knitting and napping..

the day went by very quickly and before we knew it, Sunday was here..

I made breakfast for Doug, myself and Ron and Karen..


French Toast and sausages..


..after the food was all gone..we began the packing up process..the laundry, and the few food items..and then we emptied the tanks..and refilled the water…

within an hour we were ready to hit the road..

We said ‘so long’ to the residents of the ‘big white house’ and said thanks for looking after the ‘little white box’..

See you all at Easter…

and we were heading west back towards home by 11:00..


one quick stop in Hope for gas..for our American readers that is $4.96 a gallon..and that is a ‘deal’ here in B.C..



so as our first ‘weekend’ away draws to a close..and the ‘hounds have been released from their winter  hibernation’ we hope that you will all enjoy riding along with the new ‘Bigdawg and Freeway’ in 2014!!


  1. Congratulations on the new rig! Looks great and I'm sure the adventures will be great as well.

  2. Congrats on the new trailer, you are going to enjoy your holidays even more this year.

  3. We had a tent trailer for years. It was perfect when we had it for what we needed. Like you we eventually got something a little bigger and a little warmer. Have fun with your new "vacation home" and enjoy your travels.

  4. Wow, congrats Sue! Your new rig looks awesome! It looks like there are some great and fun trips on tap for this year!! :)

  5. Congrats on the new rig, looking forward to seeing where your travels take you.

  6. Congratulations on your new home on wheel. Hope you two enjoy your new adventures.

  7. So glad to hear that your new trailer survived the winter and that the spring camping season has begun for you!

  8. Congratulations on your new home-on-wheels away from home.

  9. Pretty darn nice feeling I bet heading off to the new rig for a weekend get-away. I must have missed a post cause I didn't know you did not have the Jeep anymore. Too bad they don't make orange pick-up trucks eh. Truck & travel trailer look nice & good for you guys to get yourselves moved on up like that. Sometimes small is just too small to adjust to & one has to move into bigger digs. We are feeling the pinch in our Class C & a change may be in the wind also.

  10. Very nice!!!! One step closer to full-timers!

  11. Your new trailer looks very nice inside. You'll have a wonderful summer I'm sure.

  12. Well now--congratulations on the purchase of your beautiful new rig!! We will look forward to hearing all about your upcoming adventures!!

  13. I was thinking about you the other dayhen I saw an orange Jeep. Your new rig look like it will take you on many nice weekend adventures.

  14. What a lovely rig! Congratulations! Hope you get to enjoy it many times this year.

  15. I am so excited for you guys. I am going to miss the orange Jeep though. Your rig is gorgeous. Now we're ready to hear more of those BigDawg and Freeway adventures.

  16. Nice truck/trailer combo. I'm sure you two envision a spring, summer and fall pulling into many great BC camp spots. Congratulations on the purchase.

  17. Very nice...Our first fiver was a 28Ft. Cougar. Den's feet hung off the end of the bed, hence the eventual upgrade to our Hiker...It's a conventional Queen mattress and the one on the Cougar wasn't. That was way back in 2003..

  18. All sorts of changes going on for you guys! Congratulations! Happy for you!

  19. YAY! Congratulations! So happy you finally got to visit your new home away from home. Looking forward to following you on many adventures!

  20. That's awesome!!! Congrats on the new space. Now which bed is Tuckers? ;c)

  21. Congrats on the new rig! It looks beautiful and comfy! I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  22. Good to see your back to what you enjoy most. I would like to see both of you before we leave on our cross Canada ride or you could stop and say "Hi" if you see us on the road. My touring partner and I will be passing Ron's place June 4th. I know it's mid week but any chance?

  23. Honestly, I am so happy for you I have a big lump in my throat. And we will get to see it in person in the not too distant future.


  24. I love your new rig! May you continue to have many great adventures. Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

  25. Congratulations on the new Cougar! Very nice and comfortable looking! Whoohoo for you guys! Must feel nice and spacious, with no wet sides to fold in. Ouch!! $4.96 a gallon!! Many happy weekends and vacation in your new rig!

  26. Nice Cougar, and perfect for you in so many ways! Good for you guys. Keeping it where the sun shines is pretty good too. Now you can begin really enjoying Spring, and all the great things that it brings. Have fun. I know Tucker sure will.

  27. Oh Sue and Doug...Mike and I are sooooo happy for you guys!!! Your new Cougar is totally amazing!!! Love how you have it fixed up. I also love the room...wish the Casita were a little larger!!! You all will have so many wonderful moments and memories in your new "home."

  28. Lovely new trailer! May 2014 bring with many happy trails :)

  29. I was interested in how it tows...we travel in TT too. Why that and not a 5th W? Just curious....we are going to try the Hensley Hitch.


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