Saturday, March 15, 2014

Y’all come back now??


Yet again, my blogging has gone by the we are in mid-March and not one entry or even an inkling of one.

Shame on me for being so ‘quiet’..but..

We have been busy these past two months..going through an adjustment phase…


a new job for one that began just about a month and a half  ago..and with it comes a ‘4:00 am’ alarm..what an ungodly hour that is..


and then there was some major packing and organizing….moving on up to the South-side??


No~~we have not moved where we had originally wanted to go..that plan is on the back burner for now..but  we have moved..


..there was weeks of packing, tossing, organizing, cleaning and then there was the unpacking..not much time to take photos of the whole process, but you can just trust me that it was a ton of work..and not one that I could have done by myself..and I am most thankful  for the help of my husband, daughter and the trusty movers..without them this would have been an even more difficult event..

But now we are settled into our new home..


..the cardboard boxes and crumpled newspaper are but a distant memory..


IMG_3256 has been two  weeks since we moved in..and finally we are all adjusting to the new home and the new ‘quiet’..



..the ‘boys’ have settled in nicely..there was an adjustment phase..and that look of ‘when are we going home?’..


..but now everyone is adjusting….


..moving is hard work..


..I think an afternoon nap is in order?..


..or is it maybe ‘bedtime?’..



  1. The only time Jim and I ever came close to having an argument was when we moved. The stress is terrible. Glad you are settled and adjusting in your new digs.

  2. Welcome Back! The new home looks beautiful . . . and cozy!

  3. It's very good to read your blog, Sue. Moving is not fun, but usually means a new phase of life, so hopefully that's a good thing for you and Doug. And moving always mean that you are forced to take stock of all your belongings and decide whether or not they make the move with you. Your new place looks lovely!

  4. I am so glad you checked in.Moving and a new job makes for a stressful time. Soon will be camping time

  5. Looks nice. I particularly like the kitchen.

  6. Looks like you have a nice place there. Despite all the extra stress & work I have always enjoyed moving somewhere new. Jolts one out of old habits & routines & gives one a refreshingly new perspective of their surroundings. New things to look at, new areas to explore. Moving always makes me feel younger & more adventuress, Too long in one place has a tendency to slide one into settled routines which I find leads to feelings of tired like oldness. So enjoy your lovely new place to the max, shake off those winter blahs, & get that Jeep & trailer rolling again. The open road awaits you......:))

  7. A bit of a blogger break is OK. Considering the other activities you have faced, it's understandable to give something up till the routine returns some extra time. Seems like the move proved fruitful.....and ideally, the new job does that too.

  8. Hey, welcome back!! I thought maybe you were recovering from your 365 pictures in a row project. ;-) Your new place looks great! Hope to be hearing more from you now that you are all settled in.

  9. You are most certainly forgiven for taking a blogging break. I'd have forgiven you just because of your picture a day challenge, but a move is certainly a good reason.

    Hope your new digs give you much joy and happiness as you create new memories there! :c)

  10. It's good to hear from you again.

  11. I'm very jealous...I would love to move from our 2 story old "family" home and into a nice new, no rehab, all on one level home...and NOT in Illinois....Your new home looks fabulous!! What caused you to move?

  12. Good for you! We have missed you and like your new digs! Looks like a very nice place to stay.

  13. Vada from Texas..haven[t commented before but wanted you to know you were missed!

  14. Happy to see you writing again, Sue. Looks like you have been very busy, and many changes. Nice that things are finally slowing down a bit for you. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I am guessing same building? But have no guess about new job?

  16. I've missed your posts - welcome back! Moving is never easy but it looks everyone is making a good transition.

  17. We moved twice before fulltiming ... from the house we sold to the condo, and finally to the motorhome. So I understand what you mean by moving is hard work. But looks like you're all settled now.

  18. Soon it will be summer and you will be glad all the unpacking is taken care of so you can get away for an occasional camping trip. I thought about you this week when we visited our daughter and her girl Sandy the golden. Sandy was sick, but is now on the mend. Our years with them slip by so fast. Let Tucker play in a lake soon.

  19. Wow Sue and Doug, no wonder there was no blog for a while! It is a lot of hard work packing up and moving! Lovely new home!! Did you get a new job Sue or Doug? Hope it is working out better! Ah Home Sweet Home! Now you can relax, just like Tucker! :)


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