Sunday, April 27, 2014

Class of 2014


When I started blogging almost six years ago, it took a long time to get a ‘following’..

I had many a posts that I wondered if anyone even read or glanced at..

It was a ton of ‘work’..not that blogging is ‘work’, it is more of a hobby, a documentation of our life..and an  online ‘scrapbook’ all rolled into one..

It is fun to look back and see where we were last year or even the year has solved many an answer to a question of ‘who, when or where?’

Now this year was suppose to be our year to ‘hit the road’ so to speak..we were to be members of the ‘Class of 2014’

as most RV’ers know, plans are made of ‘jello’ and ours is far from being ‘set’ as yet..

A few years ago we met up with a member of our ‘Class’..


Steven and Linda Dempsey who live just south of us in Washington State..


Steven and Linda are at the ‘head of the class’..they are in the midst of the preparations to ‘hit the road’ this summer!

They have a bright shiny new blog filled with ‘enthusiasm’..

The ‘blog entries’ are very entertaining, as both Steven and Linda both contribute to the blog posts..

So if you are feeling so inclined and need some new ‘material’ to read or just want to ride along with the ‘head of the class of 2014’ as they embark on this new adventure of ‘full timing’..

please send them some ‘blogging love’ like I know you all can!

Cheers! blogging peeps!!!


  1. That was nice to do that but remind them too that in order to get a following they also have to follow, read and comment. Most reciprocate with comments. See you on the road ... eventually.

  2. It is always fun to read a new blog.

  3. Maybe you will be eating a different flavor of jello than you first planned?

  4. I am proof that it can happen! When I started blogging I was aiming to be in the class of 2011, then 2012,. We finally got the house on the market in 2013, and are offically part of yhe class of 2014! I will check out this new blog.

    We hope to see you on the road sometime too. It is great to not have a mortgage, homeowners insurance, earthquake insurance, and utilities. Liberating!

  5. It took us a few years to get rolling, too. A few setbacks slowed it down, but we got there. Your day is coming, hopefully soon!

  6. I have been reading Steven and Linda's blog all morning. I am finally caught up with the past blogs. Thanks for the link!

  7. It does seem that plans are just something God is amused with...I do have a feeling that you two will be full-time....if not this year, next year...You can never spend too much time in the planning stages (a quote from MacGyver),

  8. I have gotten away from the commenting and sharing part of blogging, but am slowly starting to enjoy blogging again. I hope you can get on the road soon. But even if you do not full-time, you always find beautiful places to camp on your days off work.

  9. Sue, thanks so much for the shout out! Steven and I are trying hard to catch up on blogs, and we appreciate the support of others who have gone before us. We love reading, but it will be a while before we can participate with comments. After all, we have just a few weeks to get three kids settled and get our house sold! After that, we'll for sure be making the effort to participate in this amazing community! Thank you to everyone who checked out our blog. Fingers crossed Sue & Doug will be right behind us!

  10. Hi Sue! Yes even the best made plans are made of 'jello' and can take years to set! Our 'Jello' keeps getting partially set, disturbed and remade :) Funny how life alters even the best made plans.

    I'm itching to get back on the road and am loving catching up on blogs I haven't read in awhile...there are so many and it takes so much time but I love every moment of it! You'll get out on the road soon enough... now I'm off to catch up on your blog...looks like from the cover photo you had a bit of an upgrade since I last popped by :)

  11. You know what they say..."man plans, God laughs." Keep your dream alive, it's a worthy dream!!! Until you hit the road you have an amazing RV to go out and enjoy life!! Thanks for the is always fun to read new blogs and enjoy each others journey.


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