Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter weekend continues..


Saturday morning it was sunny and windy..a busy day filled with lots of cooking.. and an overnight visit from Carlie too..

first off was breakfast..


yes, Belgium waffles and fresh strawberries..

Doug had some work done on the truck while we were here..

a new Airlift system installed..


..sorry my eyes start to glaze over when he talks about this kind of stuff..but at least it works!

..then there was a few chores that needed doing..

paper towel holder installation..


..toilet paper holder firmly attached..


..and then there is this amazing stuff..


we used it to attach the alarm clock to the wall..


and to adhere a couple of magnets to the cabinet..


..and then the best new addition of all..the screen door was a saving grace a few times this weekend when a gust of wind would come up..


..there was also a couple of LED lights that were installed too, only 18 more to go?

time for a run in the orchard for Tucker..


..and then it was time to put dinner on..

What a Crock?

Crock pot that is..



Ham and Scalloped potatoes prepared in the ‘white box’ turned out pretty good if I do say so myself…

Sunday was another day filled with a few chores..


  I baked cinnamon buns for everyone..

It was also vacuuming and  laundry day..


..nothing like clean sheets that have been blowing in the wind for  a few hours..


Carlie left after lunch..heading home to look after the cat..poor thing can’t be left alone for too long..


Dinner was at the ‘big white house’…Spaghetti, Salad and garlic cheese bread..another great meal..

All we seem to be doing is eating!!

as our Sunday evening comes to an end we are sad to be  heading home tomorrow.. back to the land of work and life in the big city..

Tucker is ‘ready’..this trailer  life is tough one for the golden boy?


Happy Easter to everyone in blogville..hope you all had a lovely weekend!!!


  1. Sure sounds like a wonderful weekend for you guys. That screen door bar is one of my favorite things and a definite must have. Happy Easter.

  2. What would your happy place be like without eating well? ;-) Sounds like you had a good time and got some things done, too.

  3. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

  4. Your waffles looked really yummy!

  5. Part of the fun of RV life, making changes to suit your tastes. :c)

  6. Just getting away from one's place of work is enough to qualify as a happy place. Keremeos is one of those places we truly enjoy in BC. And we get to go there - and through there - often enough in the warmer months.

  7. Oh crud, I've been out of the loop! When did you go full-size?

  8. What a great time everyone had including Tucker!

  9. You soooo made me want to get back in our Hiker..I miss it.. I wrote down the Quake Hold...I need that badly!

  10. Your new rig is beautiful! Glad you had such a wonderful Easter weekend!

  11. Tell me where you got Shake Hold. email me or Facebook, please.

  12. That's a great idea for holding things up in the RV!! (Living in California for 48 years we lived by stuff like Quake Hold! lol)
    Wow, I never would have thought to cook a ham in the crock pot! Super moist I bet!
    It is fun adding your own personal touches to an RV! Enjoy!
    PS Molly sends nose taps to big guy Tucker, she has a stick to share :)

  13. A little behind on my reading ... Happy Easter. Those Belgian waffles look great.


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