Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bloomin’ great?


Since both of us work full time Monday to Friday, the weekends are looked forward to, usually starting on Monday morning..We both count down the days until those two glorious days off have arrived…


Sure we  live and work for the weekends, especially those weekends when we are  off to our ‘happy place’..


Yes, we just made a ‘super long weekend’ a few weeks back but it seems that when we have more time, there is always more stuff to get done..and before we know it the ‘super long weekend’ is done and we  can’t believe how fast the time has gone..


So this weekend, may have a been a ‘super short one’ but we made the most of the time we had..

Sure the time went quickly but we still had some time to just ‘relax’..


The quails were plentiful..



The horses were busy ‘trimming the willow tree’..


The bees were busy too..

IMG_3445IMG_3447 Tucker spent some time ‘guarding his ball’…


..and his frisbee..


from Frankie the cat..who seemed to think we were his ‘new family?’..


he even decided he would try out Tucker’s bed in the back of the truck..brave kitty?


the cherry trees are blooming..


and so were the pear trees..


..We even took the time to go for short walk through the orchard..every season is different..


and the lilacs were blooming too..


so, of course I snipped a few blooms and found a ‘plastic coffee container’ that I used as a vase..fragrant lilac blooms on the table in the trailer…so pretty!


Late Saturday afternoon, we sat in the sunshine and before long we were back inside the trailer..a nice quiet day….


Saturday was also Doug’s birthday..and we had a dinner date in the town of Osoyoos. We went to a small restaurant called the Wildfire Grill…the food was delicious and reasonably priced..

A perfect end to a nice day!and then of course there was birthday cake when we returned from dinner..

IMG_3463 as our ‘bloomin’ great weekend draws to a close, we are counting down the days until our next trip..only 11 more days!

Something to look forward to, the ‘white box’ will be escaping the confines of Riverside ‘prison’ and we will be spending the May long weekend ‘camping’ along the shores of a lake!

Stay tuned for the next adventure!


  1. Just wait until you retire and your weekends will stretch from two-days to seven-days. You'll still find things to look forward to but it just won't necessarily be Saturday or Sunday.

  2. Making the most of the weekend sounds like something that the two of you do very well! It's always nice to have another trip in the not-too-far future to look forward to.

  3. It's amazing how refreshing those weekend getaways are. We loved them. :c)

  4. You are making the most of every day. Good for you.

  5. Weekends are too short, aren't they? Happy birthday, Doug!

  6. You must be longing for retirement. How long before that happens? Inquiring minds want to know ;-) in the meantime you are enjoying your weekends. Good!

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  8. Looks like everyone and everything was busy over the weekend.

    Happy birthday Doug!

  9. This is always a great time of the year to watch things take their "spring" look!! I still have trouble remembering that I don't have to "wait" till the weekend to plan a trip etc. being retired is wonderful...I KNOW you and Doug will make the very most of every day/moment!!
    Love the pics of Tucker...we sure miss our "Golden Boy" so very much!!! Give Tucker a huge hug from me!!!

  10. Lilacs! You are way ahead of Merritt.

  11. Beautiful to see Super Natural BC in Bloom, Sue!!
    And here's to the Long Weekend Getaway just lingering in the future!

  12. Looks like Spring has come after a long winter in most places. Beautiful pictures.


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