Tuesday, May 20, 2014


  For those of you who have been following us for a while, you know how much we appreciate all the amenities that a ‘full service’ RV park has to offer..

Water, sewer, 30 amp power, cable TV and of course the much needed Wifi and Cell service..

But then there are the times when it’s fun to go ‘off the grid’, so to speak and give ‘dry-camping’ or ‘boon-docking’ and try..

The busiest camping weekend of the season is the May long weekend..time for all the weekend warriors to blow the dust of the tents, campers and trailers and venture into the wilds of British Columbia..

And yes, we were crazy enough to join them all..without reservations too..
Now that is just plain ‘crazy talk’…but we did it!

Our extra long weekend began last Thursday..we headed to Keremeos after work to gather our little home on wheels..it was time for it to feel the wind again and free it from the confines of the ‘gates of Riverside Orchard’..

Our original plan was to head out bright and early on Friday morning in the hopes of getting a campsite ahead of everyone else?

We had some issues that needed to be dealt with so leaving early was not going to happen..

with our problems resolved with a quick phone call at 8:00 am we were on our way in less than 15 minutes..only two hours behind schedule..


Our first choice for a campsite was Kentucky/Alleyne Provincial Park..about two hours from Keremeos on Highway 5A..

We had stayed here last year the weekend after the May long weekend in 2013 and we were hopeful that we would get a site on the lake..


It was not to be though..it seemed that the Kentucky Lake side  was full by Thursday night..


We ventured to the other camping area and we scored a site on the shore of Alleyne Lake..not perfect but the choices were limited..


We were just happy to be parked and set up..no Plan B or C this time round..


..see that small turn around area at the end of the road?..well, that could be an issue when we leave, but we weren’t going to worry about it until Monday..

Tucker got to go for a few swims in the lake..


Hot or cold weather, he doesn’t care..never mind the fact the we are sitting at 3400 feet and the temperature in the mornings hovered around 2 degrees celcius..


We had time for walks..


Barbecued dinners for two..




..our signature drinks..


..wildlife sightings..


..and there was time for a few fishing expeditions..


..and we utilized the ‘generator hours’..


and there was time to do some knitting..


We drove to Monck Park in Merritt on Sunday morning to visit our friends, Doug and Toni..


‘our site’ had just emptied when we got there..too bad our trailer was parked elsewhere..


We had a quick visit with them, a busy weekend for the ‘park operators’..not too much ‘down time’..but it was nice to chat for a while!

Back at our campground, we have made some new friends, and fellow bloggers..they are the park facility operators at Kentucky/ Alleyne..

Derek, Teresa and Cassia and ‘Rufus’



Their blog is called ‘A  life made simple’ .. and well worth a look at..

Monday morning we hooked up and ‘backed ourselves’ out of the ‘tight spot’ we were in..


and once we were heading in the right direction, Keremeos was our destination..


our ‘extra long weekend’ was coming to an end but not before we got the trailer backed into it’s ‘home spot’, did the laundry and cleaned up..and then there was some time to celebrate a birthday.. Doug’s brother turns 60 on Wednesday so we had a pizza dinner and of course some chocolate cake to ‘mark the special occasion!’


Tuesday morning we headed for home..IMG_3533..so as our ‘dry camping’ comes to an end..we are counting down the days until we can ‘venture out again’..

Thanks for reading along with Bigdawg and Freeway, stay tuned, there will be more adventures to come!!



  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. How nice to meet Teresa and her family. I've been reading her blog for a long time. Good writer and great photos.

  2. I bet it felt just great to be out and about again. Hope you have an adventure filled camping season!

  3. I like camping both ways--with hookups and without--looks as if you guys had a great time!

  4. As you know, we love "dry camping" and "boondocking". It just feels a lot more like camping.

    We met Derek and Teresa and family down in Mexico. Looks like they had a busier long weekend than we did.


  5. Nice weekend in such a beautiful place. Glad you got a chance to get away and "recharge" your batteries. :c)

    Tucker sure had fun, too!

  6. Hmm...I saw them too over here - the weekenders. Most of them got scared by the rain and went home, Some didn't even show up at their rig which they had parked a day ahead. I was missing the story about how you guys turned around the trailer at the end of the road. But apparently you did - somehow.

  7. Ahhh nice camping ! We like the boondocking and freedom it offers us to find great places...

  8. It was clearly a nice get away weekend. You two have the right equipment to camp for a few days without services. It looked like your camp spot was quiet and serene.

  9. Looks like you are all set for a great weekend:) We decided not to leave on our next trip until after 1 June to avoid all the crowds over the holiday weekend.

  10. That looks like a fun weekend even if it wasn't exactly as planned. To be out and by a lake is always nice.

  11. We have never dry camped, but I would try it for a few days...I still like my electric and water...don't need sewer if there is a dump station....have fun!!!!

  12. Fantastic "long weekend" you guys had!!!! Love, love, love your camper!!! :-)
    That cake looks delicious....Happy Birhday to Doug's brother!!

  13. I am so glad to hear that you were able to camping during the long weekend. Sorry it was so cold, but I'll bet that campfire felt good!

  14. you got to meet Teresa....on my bucket list. Glad to have your follow again...we tow a trailer. Do you have a Hensley hitch? I'll have to go back and read up! Happy holiday weekend...you are sure in a beautiful spot!

  15. I remember how special week-end camping trips were years ago. All week long working away dreaming of the week-end. Campsite services are a nice convenience for sure & if nobody else was in the campground that would be just about perfect. I think the more you dry camp/boondock the more it will grow on you. You may find it harder going back to RV Parks where all the people are. That's what happened to us. And I'm glad it did. Nice Travel Trailer you have there. Our second RV was a TT. Good to see you folks out enjoying yourselves:))

  16. Sue, you are brave to go out camping on the long May weekend without reservations! But we're glad you found a very pretty lake to dry camp! It would never happen in California unless you called six months in advance! BTW Tucker must be part polar bear to jump in that cold, cold water! LOL Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  17. What a great weekend--nature and its wonders surrounding you. I'm happy for you, and especially for your pooch who gets to swim any time he wants!

  18. ohhh,
    i miss dry camping with my old friends


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