Monday, July 14, 2014

The colour ‘purple?’


I have always been known for doing things ‘right’..and for me this time round it was taking a spill ..I have impeccable timing..

Now not to worry, I am okay just a  badly bruised leg..

photo (53)

..oh and then there was the ‘preventative thumb splint’ for  a ‘scaphoid bone break’..

photo (49)

..the splint just seemed to make my hand swell even one point I had no was most attractive.

just need one more x-ray this week..and one can hope that all will be back to some semblance of normal..

Now back to our summer adventures..enough of the ‘colour purple’..

The adventures have continued on as planned..

things seem to be going well..

the commute isn’t too bad, just one road block this morning..

photo 1

my ‘position’ for the day..

photo 2

and the view from my ‘post’…

photo 3

even though most days are busy..there is still time for the usual camping  fun..


..some wild life viewing..


..that would be a very large owl..

and then ‘oh deer’ …


she was standing on the bank above the campsite..


Tucker is ‘tuckered’ just from being Tucker..

photo (51)

it was Dinner for one tonight..

photo (54)

..with ‘Jack from 24’ for company..

photo 4

..time for some knitting..

photo (52) as you can see the past few weeks have been rather busy..

The weather has been a very balmy 35-39 degrees during the day..the air conditioner is ‘working overtime’..

We are most thankful for the ‘full hook-up’ site….and that white box on the roof..sure makes ‘camp life’ a whole lot more bearable!


..more to come over the summer from Monck Park, stay tuned..


  1. Ouch....hope that swelling eases up. Your day sounds a l it mine....summer can sure be glorius.

  2. My goodness! That fall must have been a doozy. I hurt just looking at the pictures. Hope you mend soon!!

  3. I have missed some of your posts this summer. Looks like you are having a good one in spite of the fall. Still able to knitt? Persistance.

  4. Wow, Sue. That leg really looks painful. Sure hope you're recovering and that Toni and Doug aren't working you too hard.

  5. Good grief woman, what are you falling over!? You're as bad as I am!! Take it easy and keep enjoying that beautiful scenery all around you....I so wish I was there! Say his to my grandpa for me ;)

  6. You are clearly due for accident and pain free time going forward. Your full service RV spot looks nice. The heat? The Nicola Valley you are in is one of the hottest but the trees provide some shelter, no doubt.

  7. Also Ouch! Hope you are fully recovered soon:)

  8. Be careful! Purple clashes with orange! :c)

  9. Oh, that looks like quite a spill you took, Sue. You remind me of me when I fall off my bike! I, too, am amazed that you can still knit despite your thumb splint. Take extra good care of yourself!

  10. Holy Smokes looks like you fell off a mountain:(( Nice site you have there & how great to have wild life dropping by keeping an eye on you:))

  11. Oh my...That has to hurt.. A couple years ago I fell out our camper ...thought I broke both my feet, but I didn't. Take some R & R is a great pain reliever!

  12. Wow! That was quite a spill!!!! Purple is definitely the color and I sure hope it fades out real soon.
    Love the pic of Tucker all "tuckered out!!" You guys enjoy and please be careful :-)

  13. And a lovely shade of Purple at that!
    Get well soon.


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