Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What a difference a ‘week’ makes?

Another week at Monck park is done..last week were in the middle of a ‘monsoon’..


and within a couple of days the sun came out..and it has been consistently ‘hot’!

..poor Tucker had a bad week..

his beloved ‘frisbee’ bit the big is in the trash now..


..but he of course, thinks it still has some life left..never mind the fact the he was eating the ‘inards’..sorry buddy..

Our week was filled with a ‘date night’..


dinner out at the local pub in Merritt..


the camera has been tucked away in the trailer over the past few weeks, that was until today..

We decided to go for a drive to Douglas Lake Ranch

Fullscreen capture 30-Jul-2014 191211

our first stop was..IMG_3721IMG_3712IMG_3713we wandered in the little general store..a step back in time..


about 30 minutes down the gravel road was Salmon Lake Resort..we had stayed here in 2008 and it looked pretty much as we remembered it..


we carried on towards the town of Westwold but not before ‘someone had the opportunity to wet his paws in the Salmon River..


we stopped in the city of Kamloops for a few groceries..and a ‘gift for the golden boy?’..can anyone guess what that would be?

The drive on the Coquihalla was very different from last week..


Next stop was Lac La Jeune Provincial Park..


such a small gatehouse?..wonder if they sell anything other than campsites?


another dip in the lake..



..someone was a tired boy on the way home..


..his eyes were so heavy but he refused to sleep..I am sure he thought that we might drive by another swimming place?

now..onto the gift..we searched high and low in the town of Merritt for a new ‘frisbee’ for Tucker..from Walmart to Canadian Tire..we struck out..but..

thanks to ‘the Real Canadian Superstore  in Kamloops I managed to get not one but two ‘frisbees’ for a very happy  Tucker..


thanks’re the best!!!..let’s see how long these ones last..



  1. Good find for Tucker, glad the weather is sunny and warm for you.

  2. YAY'!!! I am so happy for Tucker!! Bless his heart...furbabies don't understand about those horrible insides to their toys. We have to get our Shih Tzu a new basket because he has scratched and his now has little green things coming out.
    Glad you guys got out and enjoyed some nice weather!! What a grand time Tucker had!! Cute picture of him all "tuckered" out!!

  3. That picture of a tired Tucker is priceless. But he sure perked up with the new toys. Glad you guys got out for such a great drive.

  4. Now that's a very happy golden face...

  5. I think Tucker had the best time on that ride. Swimming and a new toy...what could be better?

  6. So glad that you were able to get out and enjoy the good weather! Tucker will be happy to play with his new Frisbees. Miss you guys!

  7. Through your blog we got to travel along so next time, please go somewhere we haven't been ;). We are sure missing you today.

  8. We have a "date night" once a week..have since we got married...It's good to get away, relax with a cocktail and talk to each other...Tucker looks tuckered out!!!

  9. I bet you guys are feeling the heat in the Nicola Valley. Always nice to keep Tucker happy with some new frisbees.....oh...and swimming too.

  10. New toys and a couple of chances to get wet-life is good!

  11. Amazing difference from one week to the next! Such peaceful places frozen in time.
    YAY for Tucker, 2 new frisbees! He must be like a kid on Christmas. :)

  12. Christmas in July for Tucker! Looks like a grand day to go exploring.


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