Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not ready..


As the summer camping season is winding down I am having a little pang of ..’no, it can’t be almost over yet?’


I know that Doug is getting tired of the weekly commute..the traffic is  ‘painful’  on Sunday afternoons as he heads back to the coast to his regular job..

He is trying hard to be a good ‘sport’ about leaving me here to  go back ‘home’…as he left today I thought I don’t think I could do what he has done over the past couple of months..


He is ready for me to ‘come home’..but am I ready?

The past couple of weeks  has been pretty quiet and we have not been doing too much other than working..


Tucker has been busy ‘chewing poor Wilson’ to shreds’ least he is productive!


We did have the pleasure of meeting Steve and Dianne Colibaba..they pulled into Monck Park this week and we managed to chat for a few minutes while they were trying to decide which campsite they wanted or rather needed?..


They have a very large rig and trying to find a campsite in a provincial park could prove to be difficult..but they lucked out and found one that was suitable..


This weekend we spent a few hours chatting with our new ‘friends’..some wine and beer and great conversation was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon..


We wish them safe travels as the venture on  to a ‘parking place’ travels to you both!

hope that our paths will cross one day soon!! last photo of the resident doe..


Thanks for reading along..only two more weeks and we will be heading home, together!..but doing that also means I will be going back to my ‘regular job’..hard to fathom that summer vacation  is almost over..


  1. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I'm ready for the summer to be over.....I love summer I just haven't enjoyed this one too much.
    Just think though, you will be retired and enjoying the rv life in no time!! Enjoy your last couple of weeks in my most favorite spot in the world!!!!!

  2. Well at least this time back to work you have something to really looks forward to, I am excited for you. Enjoy the next two weeks.

  3. That really is a huge rig. I would be a nervous wreck trying to get that into and out of campgrounds. Or even fuel stations. Jim and I lived apart for almost two years and commuted on week-ends due to our job situations. It was really really hard and I was sure glad when it was over with and we were back together again. Our week-end commute was almost 300 miles one way so Friday night after work I would head out and then get back late on Sunday night. It's not fun. Enjoy your last couple of weeks - hopefully they are nice and peaceful for you.

  4. It was great meeting you, Doug and Tucker! Looking forward to seeing you again. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  5. The trees here in NJ are already turning and some leaves falling. We have commented how it seems our Summer this year has been short. Perhaps that's because it has been a mild one, reaching lower 90s only a day or two here and there. Glad you've had a memorable Summer and hope you enjoy the final two weeks in your home away from home.

  6. Hard to fathom the end of summer fast approaching. It seemed like your summer gig was really positive. Nice! Returning to routine could prove trying after some camping fun.

  7. I've been amazed at the size of Steve and Dianne's rig, I've been reading their blog for a while. I don't think I'd be brave enough to travel in one that big. It must be tough to find suitable campgrounds.

    Enjoy these last couple of days, glad you had a chance to get out this summer and enjoy your trailer. :c)

  8. I hate when we have to head home after 4 months away in the Winters. I wouldn't mind it if I could just stay in my Hiker..but I really hate to go back to our way too big,and way too noisy stix and brix....I believe I could live in the Hiker year round as long as some of the time would be spent near our grands...

  9. It sounds like you have had a great summer, despite Doug's tedious commute every weekend. Did you like workcamping? Hard to believe that summer is winding down.

  10. Enjoy every minute of what is left of the summer!

  11. It is hard to believe it is almost over!!! I know you have enjoyed your summer :-)
    I agree with everything Donna said....I have a very nice home that I love but I have always preferred to live in the MH.
    Enjoy your final two weeks!!

  12. Yes, it's hard to believe it's almost September already!
    Wow, that is one humongous rig! How many children piled out of it? They were very lucky to find a campsite! :)
    Both you and Tucker will find it hard to go back home in a couple weeks! But I think it will feel huge after confined spaces all summer.


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