Monday, August 4, 2014

Shaking the week off..

Our first few weeks of working at Monck Park are done..


We had the luxury of having a couple of days off while Doug and Toni had to hold ‘down the fort’..and work hard they did..


We went to N’kwala Forest Recreation Campsite ..if it looks familar that is because we have been there before..two springs ago..



this time round it was much warmer and there were a few more campers..


we stayed for a few hours..basking in the warm sunshine while Tucker swam in the Nicola River..


IMG_3766IMG_3753IMG_3763 was a nice way to spend the morning..feet up..reading a book..

A great way to ‘shake the week off…


..once we got home we continued sitting outside under the awning enjoying the warm sunshine..that was until..we noticed a few wasps flying into our furnace vent..

Armed with wasp spray, Doug made quick work of the nest they had started..we plugged the holes..


at least hopefully that will work until we can purchase a screen..

This morning Doug left for ‘home’..his two week vacation is done and now he has to head back to his job on the coast..but not before he had ‘rid Tucker’s water bowl of three mice that decided to take a swim’..ewww..thank goodness he was still here!

There were no pictures taken of the ‘swimmers’..


I am trying really hard to rid my brain of that ‘picture’.. and yes I ‘screamed like a girl’..

from now on, there will be no water bowl left outside..

thanks for continuing to read along with Bigdawg and Freeway.



  1. Ewww, is right!!! I would have had a meltdown too!! Sounds like you all had a great time "shaking the week off." What a beautiful place to sit and read a book. :-)
    Safe travels for Doug as he heads back to work!!

  2. I'm glad that you and Doug were able to enjoy a couple of weeks of working together and a couple of days off. Does Tucker stay with you at Monck Park or with Doug?

  3. I hope the bays in your rig are well protected from little furry invaders. I can't imagine swimmers in a dog bowl!

  4. Three mice in the dog bowl has to be a record!

  5. We woke up one morning to a drowned chipmunk in the fire water bucket that we had forgotten to empty. We did give him a proper burial thought.
    The only time mice bother me is when they run across my feet, then I scream like a little girl.

  6. I love that Tucker splash picture. Sorry Doug had to leave you but at least you had a couple of good days away. We have screens on everything that we could put a screen on. I would have also had a melt down over the mice. I just don't handle that kind of thing well at all.

  7. You were invaded by all kinds of varmints! :cO

  8. OMG Swimming in the water bowl not good. Maybe Doug should bring the cat when he comes back.

  9. Yuck...mice in a bowl. Don't blame you for screaming. We have been bombarded by flies in Kansas, Nebraska, and now South Dakota. Heading to North Dakota, hope they won't have flies.

  10. Paul just purchased those sink screens that catch food in the sink. He put those right over the holes. Works great.

    Glad you could get away for a few weeks. Looks like you had a relaxing vacation.

  11. Ew is right, wasps and mice!! You and Tucker can hold down the fort until Doug comes back on the weekend. Hope the sun continues to shine. Been a gray summer here.
    Have you got lots of knitting down with all of your free time?! :)

  12. So glad you guys got this job...a great way to prepare for full timing ...and looks like a beautiful park!


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