Friday, August 29, 2014

Termination Pending?

As summer is winding down there is that feeling of ‘where has the time gone’..soon it will be time to head back ‘home’ and back to the reality of ‘life on the coast’..


I am glad we had the opportunity to experience working in a Provincial Park..there have been some trying moments but all in all it has been a good trial run.


…this past week we purchased a new ‘proper’ mattress ..gone is the very uncomfortable one that came with the well spent!!


we also celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary with a dinner out at the Quilchena Inn..

2014_08_22 was nice to escape the confines of the park..the food was delicious..


Cesar salad, pot roast and pecan pie!!

..Labour day is upon us here at the park..the campground will be busy..filled with campers trying to get one last long weekend full of camping fun!

We only have one more day to work and our ‘termination date’ will be here..

On Sunday we will be heading back home together for the first time since July 6th..

It will be strange to be back in less than 250 square feet has made me realize how ‘less is more’ is simple when you live in a small space.


  1. Always good to know if a small space is something that you like or don't like. I like it!

  2. That went fast, enjoy your last couple of days.

  3. It's amazing how all at once the weather is saying, summer is over.

  4. Happy anniversary to you both. Glad you could escape the park and have a proper

    Safe travels back home.

  5. Yes, happy anniversary. And many more too!

    This trial run at working as camp hosts seems to have whetted your appetite for more of this in the future?

    Safe journey back home.

  6. Hard to believe it's time for you to head home already. Time definitely is flying by. Next summer will be here before you're ready for it.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Living in a small space can be an enlightening experience:)

  8. So glad you've enjoyed your summer. Lots of great memories and the excitement of looking forward to doing it all over again.

    And Happy Anniversary! :c)

  9. Happy Anniversary you two!
    Safe travels back home tomorrow!

  10. Happy Anniversary to you two!..and I agree with the "less is more"...We do just fine in our Hiker for 4 months, and I know full-timers who have the same amount of square footage...Now at least you know you love it...Make those plans to DO IT!!!

  11. I always have a hard time leaving there's...if we ever win the lottery, we will buy one of those million dollar homes up the hill!

  12. You guys sure have come a long way since your pop-up tent trailer days a few years ago. You have picked up some very valuable RV experience this summer which will stand you in good steed for future adventures.


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