Monday, September 1, 2014

say it isn’t so..

..yes, it is....our time this summer at Monck Park is done..52 days in a row of living in just under 250 square feet is complete..


The weather changed drastically this ‘last’ week..gone were the warm mornings..


the need for the heater to take the chill off..


time to do some baking..


the ‘last’ long Nicola Lake..


and the ‘last’ day of reservations for the park..58 reserved campers  coming in to enjoy the ‘last’ long weekend before September arrives…

but the park was full..all 120 sites plus some in the overflow..


..the uniforms will be washed and folded for one ‘last’ time..


We turned them in, along with our ‘keys to the ‘kingdom’ on Sunday morning..

We said our good byes to our co-workers..see you next time!!

and for the first time in 52 days we left the park together and headed towards home..minus the trailer..

The ‘white box’ will feel the wind next weekend, as we take it ‘home to Keremeos’.

Fast forward to this evening..and the ‘boys’ have both settled in..

Oliver on the back of the couch…


..and Tucker sprawled on the bed..


..the fun memories of this summer are all but forgotten for the ‘golden boy’….it’s like we never were gone?

Now that I have been home for a day, I have come to the realization living in 250 square feet really is quite easy!!

The only things I missed other than my husband, and the cat were:

1. the water pressure

2. the thick toilet paper

3. and the endless supply of internet as our summer work camping adventure draws to a close was an experience and we are glad we had the was a good preparation for our next ‘life’.

thank for riding along with us this summer…back to work for me tomorrow..where has the time gone?





  1. What a great adventure! Now on to what's next.

  2. What a great list! I agree but I also miss a big soak in the bathtub.

  3. It was nice to follow along on your workcamp adventure. Even after three months in our MoHo, we didn't miss a lot. Then again, coming home is always so wonderful. I guess what I miss most about home is a space for quilting and cooking, and seeing how the trees are growing around the property.

  4. Glad you had a great summer, now time to settle in and enjoy the memories to get you through the winter. Hope the winter goes by as fast as your summer did! ;c)

  5. Awesome summer in your RV.. Work camping seemed like it was most productive and pleasant enough. The routine of work may be hard to roll in to.

  6. It has been a fun ride. Thanks for taking us along.

    Good luck as you return to work.

  7. A great couple of months:) The one thing I really look forward to coming home is that high speed internet that works nearly all the time:)

  8. Good way to try out "full timing"! I agree with #1 and #2!! LOL
    Now back to "regular work".

  9. Sure was a great summer and experience for you both. Always hard getting back into the old work mode. Our best to you and Doug.


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