Sunday, December 14, 2014

Counting down?


It has been two months and one day since I last did a blog post..yes, we are still here..very much alive…just been counting down..


The only pictures I have taken it seems are of items we are trying to sell..


and the  only words  I have written as of late are ads for Craig’s List..

We have both come to the realization that it’s  just ‘stuff’..boxes and boxes of stuff..

from sheets and towels, to dishes and crystal..


oh sure we have saved a few items that are now stored at Doug’s brother’s ..and we are bringing some small items with us but the rest will meet their demise either by being sold or given away..

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?

It is ‘freeing’ to rid oneself of all the stuff..

I just look at all the things we have accumulated over the past 30 plus years of marriage and it’s constricting that we are so consumed by our ‘stuff’..


There have been days where I look around and have ‘morbid’ thoughts..’what if we were to die tomorrow?..what would our daughter do with all this stuff?’

and it is these thoughts that have gotten me through some of those ‘boxes’..

We have managed to sell quite a few items..and we are  now down to the last few things..


We have made a few trips to our local Value Village…

We had one ‘garage/condo sale..that was very big $20 sale..

This whole process of purging has been a learning curve..

We have hit a few bumps in the road but our items to be sold are dwindling..

There are those ‘craig listers’

  • who pretend to be interested in the ‘stuff’..say they are going to show..and nope..
  • or there is the ones who offer a pathetic monetary amount..
  • or the one’s who want us to deliver?

only a few more things to go that are worth selling..and then we will be done with this part of the process..

Now don’t get me wrong ..we are very grateful for those that did purchase from us..we met some interesting people..

Everyone has a story to tell..

  • there was the blue suitcase that was going to be used for a trip to Ethiopia


  • the pencil drawings that a couple from England bought


  • the freezer that was going to be a prop on a TV show


  • the bar fridge for a daughter’s study area


  • the fishing waders for a new steelhead fisherman


  • the fly-tying box that we sold in Princeton,  to a guy who just had shoulder surgery


  • the man who bought the shelving units because his room mate was using his pots and pans and eating his he was going to set up a ‘storeroom’ so he could lock his stuff up..

IMG_4026 I said it has been an interesting process..others have done it and we will day at a time..


So now as Christmas is almost upon would be time to focus on least for a few days…


..our Christmas decorations are minimal..


..but these few items have made the ‘cut’..some things I just can’t part with..

Thanks for hanging in there with us..we know that one day this ‘will all be worth it’



  1. Good luck with your downsizing - have a great Xmas and I look forward to hitching a ride with you in the new year cheers from Australia.

  2. Looks like you have made great progress towards your "new" life! Best of luck!!

  3. I so know what you are saying about the selling process being disheartening. We had two garage sales and went through selling a couple bigger items on craigslist. The garage sales in particular were so discouraging with people trying to talk us down from prices we had made so low in the first place. We actually ditched the idea of selling everything and started giving it all away. We gave most of our living room furniture to a young woman who had broken up with her boyfriend and was living in an empty apartment. We gave a lot of our other furniture to coworkers of Harry's and mine who needed it. lol We used freecycle and gave it to whoever wanted to show up and get it. We maybe lost out on 500 bucks, if that, but we got so much more enjoyment out of the whole process.

  4. When we purged our stuff, we had a garage sale on Friday Saturday and Sunday for an entire month. We were very fortunate we got rid of everything. And I agree, it is a really good feeling to get rid of "stuff." It was ridiculous the stuff Paul and I had. At one point I counted that I had 9 13 x 9 dishes. Now we have a big family but there would be no way I would use all of those at one time. For some reason I thought I needed all those. Now I have to and I'm just as happy.
    Good luck with the sale of the rest of your stuff. It will all be worth it.

  5. When we had our garage sales, I'd go to the big store and get large zip bag...then we'd write price in with a sharpie. Went so much faster for the little stuff. When it's all gone life will so much sweeter and simpler.

  6. Purging is a big job. There is no doubt about that. Good luck with moving the other stuff out.

    Merry Christmas too....and all the best in 2015

  7. Before long this will all be behind you. You'll be free to go and do whatever you want to do. Enjoy your Christmas and then get ready to hit the road.

  8. Purging is a tedious process but soon it will be a distant memory, we did well on our garage sales but still had much that went to Goodwill. A few final truck fulls when the house finally sold don't miss any of it.

  9. Yup. It is good to be free of all tht stuff. I sometimes wonder if Craig and I will get into a big fight when we do settle down again. I will want nothing, and he will buy everything! Good reason to stay on the road! We have everything we need and not much more.

  10. You are doing well, but you are so organized. I dread the process though I know it's a good feeling to get rid of stuff. Merry Christmas to you and Doug.

  11. Sounds like you are making great progress!
    Merry Christmas to you both! Looking forward to seeing you next year!

  12. You are working hard towards your goal and I know you will get there. Merry Christmas, Sue and Doug!

  13. I am excited for you guys!! Good luck selling the rest of your stuff!!

  14. Purging is extremely difficult for me...I had to big time when we moved here. I love my home and I like my stuff...I couldn't do what you're doing.....but I'm excited for you guys!

  15. WOW! great progress on the purging, know the feeling and it can be a bit overwhelming but is amazingly surprising in the end to feel the freedom. We are so looking forward to hitting the road in the spring. Hope you both have a great Christmas!

  16. When I started purging, I also noticed that most people were tire kickers and only out for the "best deal". I can say out of 100% of the stuff we needed to get rid of, 80% of it went to Freecycle. The rest either was bought or thrown out (or donated if it was nice stuff). Good luck with the rest of your purging adventure!

  17. YOU CAN DO IT, SUE!!! You are sooooo right about "just things"...and it's not about where you go , but who you're with...

  18. I remember so well getting rid of the Stuff!! I was on first name basis with the Goodwill drop off guy after a disappointing garage sale, too! But it is well worth it to be free. Best of luck with the last few items!

  19. Hang in there! Some days as you try to downsize all the "stuff", you might feel like hanging yourself, but don't do that! :cD

  20. I can relate, disposing of all the "stuff". Wev did that in 2006 when we went fulltime, then this past September when my mother sold her house and we moved her into a seniors facility. All that "stuff" gets in the way of where you want your life to go.


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