Saturday, January 4, 2014

That’s the way the ‘ginger-snaps?’

Only four days into the new year..two work days and the rest are ‘off days’…

On New Year’s day we ventured east towards the town of Deroche..


We had two reasons for going for a drive..


one was for ‘pepperoni, beef jerky and fries’..


..and the other was to look for the ever elusive “Eagles”..

We made a stop at Kilby Provincial Campground..


..there were some ‘die hard campers’ sitting around a roaring campfire!!


..remnants of ‘dead salmon’..

IMG_3137IMG_3135 running free for the ‘golden boy’..


there were far too many dead fish..we knew it would be too tempting..especially since Tucker likes to ‘roll’ in all kinds of ‘interesting smells’..


we did find somewhere for him to run around of dead fish..


Heading towards home we stopped along the side of road..spotting some eagles in the trees..


a cloudy New Year’s day comes to an least we had some success..

back to work for two days..and then Saturday morning, the sun was shining..a bit chilly out but a good day for a walk on beach..

Destination?..’Coney Island?’ not the on the Eastern Seaboard..


White Rock..we have been here numerous times over the years..and a walk along the shores of Semiahmoo Bay is always a lovely way to spend an afternoon..



quite a few people had the same idea, so we were not alone..lots of groups with cameras, and huge ‘lenses’..trying to capture the ever present ‘seagull/ pigeon?’


IMG_3177’s almost 12:30..time for lunch!!  ‘Coney Island’ was our choice, when we first arrived it was closed?..what a what?

but by the time we walked to pier and back again..the gate was unlocked and the fish and chips were being prepared!!


lunch was delicious..along with the strawberry shakes!

So glad the we made the trip to ‘Coney Island’!!..a lovely ‘date’ afternoon!!

..On the way home we stopped for a few groceries and when we were putting them away, I had opened a package of ginger snaps to put in a jar..much to my dismay, more than half the box of cookies were ‘burnt?’..2014_01_04

..sure the box only cost us a $1 but it’s the principal of the whole needless to say I sent off an email to Dare to complain..maybe there will be a few coupons in the mail from them?

It’s not the first time I have written an email to a company about their product..remember the broken milk bones?..I received $10 worth of coupons from them.


..sometimes it doesn’t hurt to complain..the ‘squeaky wheel gets the grease’ after all.. where was Tucker today?..well since no dogs are allowed on the promenade at White Rock..he was getting ‘de-stink-i-fied’..


..he smells wonderful again!! least until the next time!

Thanks for visiting…I am hoping that this year will be a ‘blog-worthy’ year!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

..and so it ends..

2013 has come to an end, along with my ‘365 photo project’..

When I started this endeavour I thought to myself..’oh this will be so easy’ hard can it be to take a picture a day?

For the last couple of nights I have been busy making collages of each month, reliving each and every picture..

There were highs and lows this year..some months were better than others and some we would just like to forget..

January..this had to be the easiest or so I thought..each day there as a real life altering events..just a winter month on the west coast ..

january 2013

February..the shortest month of the year, and the longest too..the dishwasher had been leaking for a few weeks before we noticed..this would be our ‘first insurance claim of 2013’ but of course at the time we didn’t know it..february 2013

March..the beginning of camping season 2013..our first trip of the year was to Blue Lake, just outside of Boston Bar..

march 2013

April..another camping trip, this time we camped alone along the Nicola River and woke up to snow…I also had hit day #100 of my photo project..

april 2013 the birthday month at our house, Doug and I both celebrated being 54..two camping trips this to Kentucky/Alleyn and to Monck Park

may 2013

June..the weather was warming up..and we made a trip to Keremeos one weekend, visiting some wineries between Osoyoos and Oliver

june 2013

July..let the Summer vacation begin..Nehalem Bay State Park was our first stop, visiting with Dave and Carol..and then we ventured to the town of Twisp for a  week..last stop was Riverhaven Rv Park, in Hedley..where the weather turned and we left two days early and headed to Keremeos to ‘dry out’ was a lovely summer getaway!

july 2013 was this month we discovered our ‘new favourite spot’..the Larson Hill exit on the Coquihalla.dry camping at it’s finest!!

august 2013

September..the back to work month for me..and  we also made a few trips to our ‘happy place’..the windy town of Keremeos..

september 2013

October..this month our darling daughter turned 28…and we also experienced our second flood..this time the washing and water just don’t seem to get along..

october 2013

November..the flood repair is finally fixed..the knitting continues..and one more trip to K-town..

november 2013

December..a cold winter blast hit..and of course the Christmas season was upon us before we knew it..

december 2013 as the year 2013 is now over and we are embarking on 2014 it is nice to look back on a short and concise re-cap of the year past…

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the final 11…


yes..the final 11 photos of 2013…

Day 355: Do you still mail Christmas cards?..this was the first year that I let this 'tradition' for those who went to the trouble to mail a card or two we say thank you....maybe next year I will begin again with this 'tradition'


Day 356: All wrapped up..soon to be unwrapped!!


Day 357: just one 'little' Christmas light display?

rae street 1

Day 358: Let's talk Turkey??'


Day 359: Boxing Day..and yes we braved the mall..good thing we are within walking distance!!


Day 360: these one day work weeks are the best..


Day 361: 'back to some semblance of normal'..everything 'Christmas' is packed away for another year.


Day 362: Now I know where 'ol-ive' the other reindeer are ?


Day 363: When was the last time you used a pay phone ??


Day 364: almost done!!
Hard to fathom that this project is coming to an end !!!


Day 365: Happy New Year everyone..365 daily photos later I can call the project done~~finished~~THE END!

IMG_3126 I sad to see the end of this ‘never ending’ project?..sure I am..It gave each a day a focus..some days were just not as picture worthy as others but the perseverance of completing something is worth more than the ‘quality of the subject’ of the photograph..

I hope that ‘someone else’ in blog~ville will continue this idea and take the challenge for 2014!! I pass the ‘camera’ to you, my readers, in the hopes that one of you will be brave enough to take this on..

Come hard can it be..just one little picture every single day for a year??

Now..what am I going to do for 2014?..stay tuned…

Aww nuts…

How on earth does someone do a recap of the past seven months?… The last post that I did was on May forward to today, December 3...