Sunday, June 22, 2014

Opportunity ‘knocks’


We are firm believers in that ‘things happen for a reason, be it a ‘chance meeting’ or a ‘missed accident’..a ‘job loss’ or a ‘new job’..sometimes ‘opportunity knocks’ and it just depends on whether you are in the right frame of mind to ‘answer’..


In the past few weeks, we have been rather busy ‘answering that knock at the door’..

Our friends, Doug and Toni who are working at Monck Park, our favourite BC Park, as most of you know..came ‘knocking with an new opportunity’ for  us..


They were in ‘dire need’ of some assistance as two of their summer employees decided to quit.

So after many conversations and lots of sleepless nights, we made the decision to ‘answer the knock’…


Our Summer vacation plans were cancelled and this past Friday night we made the trek to’s moving time! IMG_3421

Saturday morning, bright and early we were hooked up, said our ‘so longs’ to Ron and Karen..see you in September..

And we pulled out of the gates of Riverside Orchard..onwards to our new summer home..just outside of Merritt..


..the drive was an easy one..only one big hill to go down..Hamilton Hill..

the truck handled the downgrade very well..holding steady at a comfortable speed..


within about two hours we were pulling into our new ‘summer home’..


Toni captured this photo of us..

june 22_12685 more small incline to the compound..


..before long we were backed in and set up..our ‘full service site’ in the ‘compound’..


..and then the ‘real reason’ were here..’time to go to work?’


..the new place of ‘summer employment’..



..we even get  uniforms..

The ‘two Doug’s’.. The Double D’s as I call them!


..good thing, Doug and Toni are very can be a tad ‘difficult to teach two old ‘dawgs’ new tricks..


..its a ‘learning curve’ day soon it will be an easy process but for now..I am just a ‘new-bie’!

..our ‘commuter vehicle’..

photo (46)

..after a ‘tough first day’..

photo (47)

..time to put our feet up..

photo (48)

..not to worry there is still time for Tucker to go on a few walks and of course a swim or two..

IMG_3616 as you can see our Summer 2014 has taken a different may not be what we had planned originally but sometimes ‘things happen for a reason’..

Stay tuned for more from us this summer as we embark on our new adventure of ‘work camping’.

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