Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What a difference a ‘week’ makes?

Another week at Monck park is done..last week were in the middle of a ‘monsoon’..


and within a couple of days the sun came out..and it has been consistently ‘hot’!

..poor Tucker had a bad week..

his beloved ‘frisbee’ bit the big is in the trash now..


..but he of course, thinks it still has some life left..never mind the fact the he was eating the ‘inards’..sorry buddy..

Our week was filled with a ‘date night’..


dinner out at the local pub in Merritt..


the camera has been tucked away in the trailer over the past few weeks, that was until today..

We decided to go for a drive to Douglas Lake Ranch

Fullscreen capture 30-Jul-2014 191211

our first stop was..IMG_3721IMG_3712IMG_3713we wandered in the little general store..a step back in time..


about 30 minutes down the gravel road was Salmon Lake Resort..we had stayed here in 2008 and it looked pretty much as we remembered it..


we carried on towards the town of Westwold but not before ‘someone had the opportunity to wet his paws in the Salmon River..


we stopped in the city of Kamloops for a few groceries..and a ‘gift for the golden boy?’..can anyone guess what that would be?

The drive on the Coquihalla was very different from last week..


Next stop was Lac La Jeune Provincial Park..


such a small gatehouse?..wonder if they sell anything other than campsites?


another dip in the lake..



..someone was a tired boy on the way home..


..his eyes were so heavy but he refused to sleep..I am sure he thought that we might drive by another swimming place?

now..onto the gift..we searched high and low in the town of Merritt for a new ‘frisbee’ for Tucker..from Walmart to Canadian Tire..we struck out..but..

thanks to ‘the Real Canadian Superstore  in Kamloops I managed to get not one but two ‘frisbees’ for a very happy  Tucker..


thanks’re the best!!!..let’s see how long these ones last..


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fire in the sky

Some weeks are all about the weather!!


Our original vacations plans were cancelled when we made the decision to grab the opportunity to work at Monck Park..


We had planned on spending ten glorious days on the banks of the Methow River, in Washington State..something we had been looking forward to for a few months..


Fast forward to this past week, which would have been when we would have sitting on the banks of the river..

The Methow Valley is engulfed in  a forest fire..The Carleton Complex fire…just a small excerpt from an  article on the internet..

‘it's the Pacific Northwest that's the disaster zone of the moment in the nation's worsening wildfire patterns. Both Washington and Oregon have declared state-level fire emergencies.

In Washington,  the center of concern is the Carlton Complex fire to the northeast and across the Cascades from Seattle. Having burned for about a week as of Wednesday, and only 16 percent contained at that point, it was the largest fire in state history at 243,000 acres, or 380 square miles,

The fire had also torched 200 homes, forced evacuation of more than 1,200 people in a sparsely settled area, and killed at least one — a 67-year-old ex-Marine and retired state trooper who died of a heart attack after fighting for two days to save his home.

For all of that, the Carlton Complex blaze is looking increasingly less like an anomaly and more like a commonplace in this year's fires across Washington and Oregon, along with portions of northern California and western Canada.’

so needless to say our plans would have changed drastically in the event that this other opportunity hadn’t come up..

This past week has been a busy one..Carlie was here for a few days..the weather was warm and sunny..



..and when she left on Friday morning..Doug arrived  in the late afternoon to begin his ‘vacation’ time..


..the weather started to change and we had a few very windy days..howling wind!


..the wind did finally stop but now we have had ‘rain’ for the past couple of days..


We drove into Kamloops yesterday to do a few errands..


and around 2 pm we headed back towards Merritt, just as a huge storm was heading our way..a storm that would cause flash flooding in Kamloops..we got out just in time!!


visibility was terrible on the Coquihalla Highway and we pulled over to the side of the road for a few try and wait out the deluge of rain..


the skies did clear at least a bit..


but by the time we got back to the park..another storm was here..


Last night we had some company..


Jean and Skip Gaunt..fellow bloggers from Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island.


We had a lovely evening chatting as bloggers do when they meet for the first time..

They are headed home this travels to you both!..hope to see you down the road one day soon!


So there you have our recap of this past can only hope that the sun will shine this weekend!!


Monday, July 14, 2014

The colour ‘purple?’


I have always been known for doing things ‘right’..and for me this time round it was taking a spill ..I have impeccable timing..

Now not to worry, I am okay just a  badly bruised leg..

photo (53)

..oh and then there was the ‘preventative thumb splint’ for  a ‘scaphoid bone break’..

photo (49)

..the splint just seemed to make my hand swell even one point I had no was most attractive.

just need one more x-ray this week..and one can hope that all will be back to some semblance of normal..

Now back to our summer adventures..enough of the ‘colour purple’..

The adventures have continued on as planned..

things seem to be going well..

the commute isn’t too bad, just one road block this morning..

photo 1

my ‘position’ for the day..

photo 2

and the view from my ‘post’…

photo 3

even though most days are busy..there is still time for the usual camping  fun..


..some wild life viewing..


..that would be a very large owl..

and then ‘oh deer’ …


she was standing on the bank above the campsite..


Tucker is ‘tuckered’ just from being Tucker..

photo (51)

it was Dinner for one tonight..

photo (54)

..with ‘Jack from 24’ for company..

photo 4

..time for some knitting..

photo (52) as you can see the past few weeks have been rather busy..

The weather has been a very balmy 35-39 degrees during the day..the air conditioner is ‘working overtime’..

We are most thankful for the ‘full hook-up’ site….and that white box on the roof..sure makes ‘camp life’ a whole lot more bearable!


..more to come over the summer from Monck Park, stay tuned..

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