Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Time is going by very quickly..

We had a few big items that we still needed to be rid of..

One ad on Craig’s list  and over 150 responses..we went from this..


..to this,  in one afternoon..

love what you have done to the place

..don’t you love what we have done to the place?

good thing we made a trip to the trailer, otherwise we would be sitting on the floor..

“Momma, where has all the furr-niture gone?..you got some ‘splainin’ to do?

where did the furrniture go momma

…”there is going to be ‘adjustments’ PO-man..just wait and see..

A house on wheels for all of us to share..you’ll see..

soon very soon, no longer will you be left behind, and you will be just as famous in ‘blogville’ as your ‘brother’..”


..at least that’s what we are trying to tell him..don’t know if he is believing us..

We still had a few more things to organize..

from socks and underwear to

sheets and pillowcases


to towels and facecloths..


..we are down to the wire now and things are coming together..we have come along way in the past six months..

..soon we will be done with our jobs …and the transition time will begin..

The clutter is gone and pretty much all that is left is the items that will be coming to the trailer with us and some more boxes for our local Value Village..by the time we are done we will be on a ‘first name basis’ with the guys at the back door of our local VV.


Three more days to go..


  1. Ya'll have done great! What an exciting time! Won't be long and you'll be on the road. Woot!

  2. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our poor pets just don't get it...do they?

  3. It's almost here!! I am so happy for you guys.

  4. You have accomplished SO much! Love that quote!

  5. Wow you have done so well, I am so impressed.

  6. Great job! I know that look from your cat...our two were not too happy those last couple weeks when we didn't have any furniture in the house. When we moved them into the fiver, they were in heaven with all the lounging options. :)

  7. Three more days! Three more days! How exciting is that? Well, I rather like your "new" furniture.

  8. sI went from four sets of sheets and several comforters to one set of sheets, one comfortor and an extra blanket I keep under the pillows on the couch. I still have way to many towels, but as long as I have room I guess they will stay. Craig could go thru some of his bins and get rid of about half of it, but I doubt he will.

    Making the final cut is very interesting.

  9. You've been busy! Value Village value you two for all the good stuff you keep dropping off. Best of luck with your final three work days.

  10. I am so excited for you. Your post brings back all those fun memories of when we were getting ready to head out. I'm sure VV loves you.

  11. There is something to be said for minimalist living. ;c)

  12. Oh how fun to be this close!!! I can "hear" the excitement in your post. The lamps could totally work under the awning at your campsites.......you'd certainly be unique :-) We've been "down" to one set of sheets and four towels in the S&B for over a year but I'm considering an extra set of sheets in the rig for when we're boondocking and Tessa "shares" mud and stickers.......we'll see :-)

  13. We have fond memories of our "camp furniture" days. Enjoy!!!!

  14. Way to go Doug and Susan! I can only imagine the "Lightness" you are feeling. Not the physical lightness being unencumbered of many material things but lightness you feel following your dreams. Enjoy the adventure.


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