Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No one said it would be easy?


After a busy week of appointments and two trips to Fort Langley to drop off some stuff at the trailer…We can now say, that yes..

It has all been worth it..

We have persevered through all the  sorting, tossing and purging..and purging some more..


Our ‘dream’ has become a reality…



The ‘four feet and eight paws’ are now settled into the ‘rolling white box’..



Doug’s last day of work was on Friday..

A ‘retirement’ lunch..a card filled with good wishes and two gift cards..

a great send off..

doug retirement card

We do still have some cleaning to do at the condo and remove the last ‘dregs’ of stuff that is being donated but for now we are going to enjoy our new ‘life’..we can think about that ‘stuff’ next week..


time to enjoy the weekend…

Our ‘home for the next month is Brae Island Regional Park, in Fort Langley..


if it looks familiar..that is because we have stayed here numerous times over the past few years..



The temperatures over the weekend gave us a ‘gentle reminder’ that it  is still February..

buddy heaterjust a tad chilly

..there was time for walks..


and time for the Daytona 500..


..we just hung out for a few days..trying to decompress from the transition..but we knew we still had one more task to complete and that was keeping us from truly ‘relaxing’..

We ventured back into the big city of Port Coquitlam today and completed the task of ‘cleaning the rental condo’..There was a large ‘damage deposit’ to be received as long as the condo condition met with the approval of the landlord..


..we passed with flying colours..nothing to fret about..

so this is the ‘end’ of our life in a ‘sticks and bricks’..onwards to the next phase..




  1. No - not easy but definitely worthwhile. There always seems to be the 'not so fun' stuff to get through…. So happy for you guys - I can hear your sighs of relief having gotten to this point. The RV Park looks nice!

  2. Perseverance got you through the tough job of downsizing. Now you are poised for the next phase of your lives.....and it seems you are more than ready for it. All the best going forward.

  3. Does it feel different to be at Brae Island Regional Park this time?

  4. Your excitement is contagious. I'm reliving our first few weeks after my retirement right now. Happy travels!

  5. Exciting times. End of one era & the beginning of another.......

  6. We wish you all the best as you start this new life!!

  7. welcome to the world of nomadic traveling...

  8. A whole new world is out there for you to discover. Enjoy every minute.

  9. Congrats on your retirement guys and welcome to the lifestyle! We look forward to working with you both.
    Safe travels!

  10. Congratulations, Doug. And congratulations to you both. Enjoy your new life on the road. Every day will bring a new adventure.

  11. Yippee. Great times ahead. So fun to read blogs of new timers because it brings back all those wonderful memories of our beginnings of life on the road. Enjoy every minute of it.

  12. Welcome to the FT lifestyle! May it be everything and more than you imagined. Now we'll be looking to meet you one of these days on the road! :c)

  13. Congratulations Doug on your retirement and starting your new way of life. Know it's going to be a exciting year for you both. Happy Travels!

  14. Welcome to life on the road. Hope our paths cross some time.

  15. Very happy for you Sue & Doug. Looking forward to joining you "on the road" someday.

  16. Yay! A dream realized...for sure. The main reason Dennis won't full time is that he thinks he will get bored...I continue to tell him "you make it want you want"...I would love long walks, bike rides, site seeing, reading, NASCAR..but probably wouldn't be able to enjoy this life if Den didn't...It only works if BOTH of you are excited to do it!! In the meantime, I live vicariously through you "full-timers".

  17. So good to see all our/your friends chiming in with good wishes. You won't be sorry.

  18. Congratulations to you both!!! I (we) are so glad to see your dream finally beginning for you two!! Looks like a great place to begin at Brae Island Reginal Park!!
    Looking so forward to following with you all on this new adventure!!

  19. It really truly happened!! The eight paws look very content and I'm sure the four legs are too!! Relax and enjoy.

  20. So nice to see this all come to fruition, Sue. I remember camping photos of your sweet little pop-up, I think from this place! Nice to have your real home with you now. Looking forward to reading about the adventure as you progress. At first it will seem like a vacation, but shortly it will just seem like "life". Again congrats to you!


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