Friday, March 13, 2015

No turning back now..


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Travel day is upon us..

time to leave the Lower Mainland  and get on with this new adventure!


It is time to hook up and head on out..yes, we still had a few more days that we could have stayed in Fort Langley but we both felt that it was time..

moving on

We were sad to say goodbye to our ‘neighbours’ Mary and Kathy….but we know we will see them again..

mary and kathy

..the boys were loaded in the truck ..


Tucker doesn’t like to share the back seat but this is the reality now..


..our next destination is one that we have been to many a time over the past few years..330 kilometers..through the Fraser Valley..up the Hope Slide Hill..our first big test for the truck with the trailer following behind..

hope slide hill

We had stopped at the scale to weigh the trailer..6930 pounds..such a relief for me to know that we were way under our maximum..there was no stopping on the side of the road to ‘rid ourselves’ of any items!

I had visions of the scene for ‘Lucy and the Long Long trailer’ when Ricky discovers all the stuff she had stored in the trailer!

..first stop was Manning Park ..


..and a roll in the snow for Tucker..


he was happy! per usual!


about two hours later we were pulling into the driveway in Keremeos and backed into our ‘home spot’..

The view may have changed but bringing your ‘home along’ for the ride is a comforting way to travel..


..just a few of the items that made the ‘cut’ to make our rolling house a ‘home’..


..from the bears to the brooms and a few other mementos..

my first slide show

We are all settled in and enjoying the familiar view out the windows!

..not the end..

po man

but a new turning back now!


  1. Congratulations on your new adventures! You are just going to love this life. :-)

  2. I remember many years ago (about 38 to be exact..oh my), when we lived in Chilliwack, we would pack up and head for Manning Park every weekend with our popup. We loved that park.

  3. Good for you for getting your rig weighed. Still far too many people traveling overloaded...or who don't know that they're overloaded.

    Good luck on your new adventure!

  4. You are on your way, for sure! Here's to new beginnings!

  5. One thing I haven't done on purpose all these years on the road is head for a place with snow! Good for you all!

  6. You made it! Enjoy that hitch itch, you'll be amazed at the places it will take you (and we'll be following along!). :c)

  7. Snow? You're heading for snow and not sunshine? I guess you can do whatever you want. That's what the rest of do.

  8. A new adventure begins...and you're starting right... moving cause you can.

  9. I see you are heading to British Columbia...I love that place!!

  10. So nice to see you two, excuse me, you four on the road! Such a life! Wondering what will stand the test of time in the trailer as you continue through the years.

  11. I wonder what adventures await you! I'm sure they will be wonderful and exciting. Love that Long, Long Trailer movie. Have to watch it every once in a while even if we aren't traveling anymore. Just don't start collecting rocks!!

  12. Back to familiar countryside is a good first step in the new road style life. All the best as you venture to new places and face so many new experiences.

  13. The critters look pretty happy. Enjoy your travels.

  14. And away you go! Tucker is adorable in the snow :-) Love your bears. Like Linda's chicken, you just never know what will end up coming along until you pull away that last time :-))))) So excited for you guys!

  15. We did not know that you can have your rig weighed at the highway weigh station??

  16. Looks like you're off to a great start! Congrats on coming in under max weight!


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