Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Out with the old?


Where has the last week gone?

Everyday there was good intentions to get that ‘honey do’ list done but we have had many distractions..good ones albeit..

There are those morning walks..

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the leisurely morning coffee/tea sessions..



..the morning security patrol..


oh sure..we make time to do the normal household cleaning, vacuuming..(trailer is rather furry now with those ‘eight paws’ residing with us)..

We have frequented the local neighbourhood pub a few times this past week..

On Saturday afternoon we met with Doug’s former co-worker…Gary and his wife,  Gail..they are in the planning stages of hitting the road in the fall..counting down the days till retirement..39 more for them..

..and my sister and her ‘husband’ came for a visit on Monday..

another visit to the pub..

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..they treated us to lunch and also gave us a gift card for  White spot! very generous of them…


It was great to catch up with the two of had been far too long..we managed to appease their curiosity with our ‘new retirement plans’

After they left on Monday afternoon..we had one chore that needed to be done..

The dreaded removal of the ‘most uncomfortable couch’..


..well I thought it was uncomfortable..the ‘dog’ liked it?..but sometimes it’s not about the animals..

Tuesday afternoon we returned with our ‘second’ new recliner..


..easy to get into the trailer since Lazy Boy’s come in two pieces..


..nice new ‘living room’ seating just for two..

Wednesday morning the temperature was a balmy – frozen water least we are smart enough to disconnect it before we go to bed at night..with some defrosting and patience within a few hours we soon had water running again..

Wednesday afternoon..we had more visitors..

Our friends Steve and Melanie came for a late lunch/early dinner..or ‘lupper’ as Melanie  called it..

one more trip to the pub..a few glasses of wine, food  and conversation..melandsteve2

..same booth..different smiling faces..

melandsteve3 there you have our recap of our past few days..time is going by very quickly but we are slowing adjusting to the new ‘life’.

Stay tuned from Fort Langley..we still have more time, thank goodness..the ‘honey do list’ still needs doing!




  1. If you think time flies now, just wait till you get on the road. You won't know what day it is, and you might as well forget about knowing the date...hehe

  2. We can certainly relate to the pet fur in a small space. I need to vacuum every day...need to, but don't. Your cat is gorgeous. We have a very furry Maine Coon.. I hope you are able to head south very soon and can get away from those frozen water hoses. Nice and warm here in the Keys....come on down.

  3. RV's are notorious for uncomfortable furniture. We have had 6 rigs (motorhomes & trailers) & not one has ever had comfortable seating whether it be couches or chairs. Comfy recliners are the absolute best way to go for sure. Years ago we took out our motorhome's couch, dinette, & tub chair replacing everything with Ikea furniture.

  4. Your adjustment to the rolling life seems to be going well. The visits alone - and some furniture changes - have kept you busy.

  5. Those recliners look comfy. It looks like you have adapted really well to full time rv living.

  6. Making your new abode home is a very important part of the lifestyle. Once you are comfortable you'll slowly start checking things off your to-do list. Once that is done it will simply be enjoying life, then maintenance and cleaning. You don't want to wear yourselves out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. That's what we did in the Bungalow - got rid of that stupid sofa and replaced it with two Lazy Boys. You did good. And if you think time is flying now - just wait. It really goes fast when you are actually moving down the road.

  8. Sooo now just two chairs for livingroom seating? Let's think this through.... 2 chairs, 2 furkids.... just where are the two humans going to sit????


    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  9. It's one thing at a time. Eventually, you will look back at this time and be so thankful you finally have this piece of the move behind you. You'll be on your way to many new adventures.

  10. Did Tucker complain when "his" couch got removed? After all, isn't it "his" trailer??? :cD

  11. Being able to finally enjoy the leisurely morning coffee/tea sessions with each other instead of racing out the door is for sure Priceless! Great idea replacing the couch with that comfy Lazy Boy. Glad you had a great week with family and friends.

  12. I didn't know lazyboys came in two parts. This has set me thinking about a chair replacement. I am OK with the couch,and Craig says he likes it, but thechair just doesn't do it for me like the one I had at the house.

  13. Get used to time flying by...all I know is work never went this fast! We can't believe it was 5 years ago last month that we moved into our rig. Enjoy your new life!

  14. Love the picture of Tucker and Oliver in their places. Ha ha, maybe they will have to learn to lay on the floor.

    Great seating arrangement. Comfort is the name of the game.

  15. Sounds like you two are settling into retirement life and full timing just wonderfully! Hope Tucker isn't going to miss that couch!

  16. Both of your lounge chairs look very comfy! It's always interesting to see the modifcations that RVers make to their trailers/rigs. Good to get most of those "honey do" items off of your list before you start traveling!

  17. There are some great reasons to put off minor tasks, I especially like the pub visit:)


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