Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Where does the time go?


Four weeks have almost gone past since that Saturday when we brought the trailer from the storage lot..tucker1

Hard to fathom that we have been actually living  here for 19 days already..


My last post ended on the Wednesday last week..


The socializing and entertaining has continued..

Our friends Brenda and Ken drove from Nelson to visit his parents just east of Mission..

Thursday morning we made the trek to the land of no cell service or internet to visit everyone at Ken’s parents home..

A lovely home settled on 7 quiet and peaceful..a perfect house nestled in the country!


Friday was a day filled with  a few household chores..

there was the security ‘cat’..

morning 2

breakfast!!..eggs and toast..Doug wanted bacon..fooled him!!

morning 1

another walk along the trail..


a lemon pie was made..


..time for some knitting..

knit 1

knit 3

We even had time for a campfire..


Bob and Gerda, our favorite campers from last summer.. came for lunch on Saturday..

bob and gerda

Sunday dinner was ‘some crock pot cooking’..pork roast and potatoes..Carlie came for last supper..sunday dinner

Monday was grocery shopping, waxing the trailer and dinner with our next door neighbours..chili in the crockpot!

Tuesday the visiting began again..

Tasha from work came by for a coffee in the morning bringing with her some baked goods and some yellow tulips!


..another pub lunch with our ‘condo neighbour’, Shannon..

we are getting to be regulars at the Fort Pub..another delicious meal!

and then an afternoon visit from another work friend..Leslie..

she came with fresh farm eggs..two dozen!! enough to share!


the visiting continued into  the evening with Doug’s buddy Tyrone and his girlfriend coming by for an after dinner visit..

That brings us to today, Wednesday..

A day back into the big city..

We had an appointment at the insurance office..Breakfast at appointments..a visit to my place of work to drop off a card and a token of appreciation for the great ‘sendoff’..

I also received my retirement gift from the union..

union 1

..and a union pin ..

union 2

if you have made it to the end of this post without your eyes ‘glazing over’..kudos to you..

We look at each other and wonder where the time has gone..

Soon it will be time to hook up and head on out!!


  1. Don't forget when you do get to visit the States, you have an open invitation to stay at the Weeb Ranch and driveway dock ( Free). Riggs and the crew will get along great with Tucker and the Local Doggie park has a lake. Better make it n warm wethaer though, Can't miss the Brewery tour. Sam & Donna.

  2. Wow - I'm really hungry now after reading this post :-) The lemon pie looks delicious! Cheers - Ellen

  3. Fun, fun and more fun. That is what this lifestyle is all about.

  4. The beginning of the rest of your life has arrived. Now go enjoy it!

  5. Isn't life Grand. Just normal everyday things can keep us busy. How did we manage while working fulltime?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. No wonder the time is flying by!! That is a whirlwind of visiting and visitors :-) Crock pot is king in a small space! Sounds like you're getting the last of your check list taken care of (I always love that) in preparation for your big launch. 'Tis a grand life.....

  7. You have been busy! Sounds like all the visiting/visitors is setting the stage for the future. Your lemon pie looks yummy!

  8. I'm saying the same thing as we approach the end of our first YEAR!

  9. Endless visits. Nice to see Gerda and Bob.

    Nice gift cards - best friends?

  10. If you keep on socializing like that you will never make it on the road, lol! It is always so nice to have so many friends and family to spend time with.

    I have seen fried eggs made like that before I have always meant to give it a try and then I forget about when I finally do make fried eggs.

  11. Awesome!!! Whenever you are in the states (Tennessee) to be exact -----and extreme east TN to be precise -------- google Mountain City TN and stop by Neva General Store you are on their FREE MEAL list...they will feed you like kings and queens!! Look forward to seeing you soon


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