Friday, April 17, 2015

Enough with the ‘lolly gaggin’

It had been more than two weeks since my last post..

Oh, sure I have posted pictures over the past few  days on Facebook but putting a blog post together just didn’t seem to happen..

We have been busy doing a whole lot of nothing or so it seems..that is until we read our neighbour’s blog entries..Dianne does a lovely job on her blog and seems to be able to write about our daily happenings and turn it into something..

I would just like to say if you are interested in reading her blog about  our daily adventures..DITTO

So the adventures at Monck Park?..

The boys have gone fishing..

6-P40900072-2015-04-09 13_15_57

..I borrowed these two photos from Steve and Dianne..

We have had some wild and wacky weather?


..and the very next day..the ‘lolly-gaggin’ came to an end..


but not before one last dinner out..The Game On Pub in Merritt..


April 15th was our first day of ‘actual work’..Monck Park is open to campers..but there was still a ton of those lovely pine needles to rake..and campsites to clean..


We were armed with the ‘tools’ we needed??..well, we made do..

And we set out bright and early..only 119 sites to clean..but one Loop at a time..


..oh sure we had a ton of fun with our co-workers, Steve and Dianne Colibaba..we made a fine team of four  ( our managers, Doug and Toni are not feeling well)..armed with our rakes..we ventured into the abyss of pine needles..


We have worked  three days so far..working on the ‘chain gang’ as we called it..


..these two items have been our best ‘buddies’..

Truck load after truck load of needles..


We had the first loop done in two phase was the playground and then it was time for  the day use area..



By days end today we had raked 24 pick up truck loads of pine needles, twigs and pinecones..the  needle mountain is growing!


..a successful three days of work..but we are now taking the weekend off..

There are four campers in our newly cleaned sites..nice to see families camping already!

The four of us ventured into the big town of Merritt for a pizza and beer  dinner..


..oh deer, we had a visitor in the compound tonight too..


Tomorrow we will be able to enjoy some ‘down time’..a leisurely breakfast, a walk with the dog and of course there is those darn household chores that will need to be done!

..thanks for reading along with us..


  1. Where to start! First, I can't believe you get a truck with a light on top! And if I'm ever near Monck - hide that green plastic rake of yours - those are my favourite and haven't had one in two seasons! What the heck are you guys doing raking up the pine needles!? You B L O W them to the side of the sites you guys! We feel your pain! The pizza looked great - where'd you find that in Merritt? Ugh on the snow.

  2. Raking up pine needles sounds like it will be a never-ending job while you are there.. Job security? ;-) Glad you can look forward to a little time off tomorrow!

  3. Isn't ‘lolly-gaggin’ the perfect description for retirement. Enjoy it!

    If those are long needles, I would be going nuts right now. I make pine needle baskets. Don't tell me if they are....hehe

  4. Thank goodness there's a good pub in town for the crew!
    Looks like our old Montana in one camp site.
    Hearty Canadians camping in April. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Yup...we raked A LOT of pine needles! Hard work and sore bodies but also lots of laughs and fun! Time to enjoy a couple of down days...

  6. You sound like the hardest working group I've read about in a long time. Raking pine needles is something I would balk at as a work camper. But think of all the calories it burns!

  7. That was some well deserved beers! Wow, hope the incoming campers appreciate all your hard work.

  8. That looks like a lot of work! Pine needles are tough to rake:(

  9. Nice work the camp sites are looking great! Good to have a bit of social time to recoup a bit, the food looked awesome especially the fries and the Pizza. We are going to be in Kamloops this summer so hope to make a run down to Monck to say hi. Have a great Sunday!

  10. Raking is NOT my fav..especially those dreaded pine needles...looks like a really nice part with lots of great sites!!


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