Thursday, July 16, 2015

‘Hay’..its about time for an update?


I have done it yet again..more than a  whole month has gone by since my last post?..I honestly don’t know where the time goes?..

If you want a true recap of what we have been up to on a daily basis just read Steve and Dianne’s blog…she puts me to shame being so diligent about posting weekly.. IMG_0017 Since my last post, Doug and Toni had some time away from the park for a family celebration trip to Vancouver..11430259_10152851538795896_7182549400520622462_n

So that left the five of us holding down the fort so to speak.

We managed to keep everything under control with little or no catastrophes…one dead battery?


Not bad for two second year employees and the two Newbies and Gord..the maintenance man!

The park is up and running..fully operational now and the gatehouse is open seven days a week so we have been busy registering campers and selling firewood and ice and the incidentals that a little corner store would is brisk?


The weekends are  fairly busy with the weekend campers and then there were  the seniors who had been occupying most of the sites..getting the last few days of the senior half price deal…which ended on June 15th.

As the frontline greeters at the park..our smiling faces are the first ones the campers see when they arrive..


I am a firm believer in that greeting everyone with a cheerful smile will do wonders most of the time..but sometimes the reality is that it does not always work..


Working with the public day in and day out for the the past 38 years I have learned that ‘everyone has a story’.. 

and sometimes their mood will reflect it

  • money woes
  • relationship troubles
  • job worries
  • money trouble
  • health issues
  • or even substance abuse issues

..we honestly have no idea what will trigger an outburst or a confrontation..sure it is only our second year working as Park Operators but already we are now  ‘learning to pick you battles’ with the campers can go a long way..

We enforce the ‘gentle reminders’..but sometimes it is how you go about it to get the end result you really want…

Meet Mr. 43


I was not on duty when he came into to the park but he was not what we ‘deem to be a happy camper’ when he arrived..

By the next morning he had calmed down and came into the gatehouse to apologize for his behaviour the previous evening..

He had a story just like everyone we meet..he had a reason for his outburst..all was well once he had his coffee..


The same weekend we had two young men in a site..and thought..oh dear..they could be trouble..but they wound up being the most polite and well behaved campers we have met in a while!..


so lesson learned for us would  be .. we won’t be too quick to judge someone because of how they look or what they drive..everyone has a story and taking time to listen to someone can sometimes put things in perspective!

We  have had some wild and wacky weather this past month too..

from scorching heat to




To our ‘last campfire of the season’..yes, the fire ban took effect on July 3rd..

last campfire

We  had ‘Khaki Day’ in the compound..11202100_10152888056260896_8264241272960215270_n

 ..and since we do get days  off each week..We try and leave the confines of the park at least once or twice? ..some weeks it’s only to get our shopping done..


or it is just to take the ‘golden boy’ for a swim on the other side of the lake?



..or to visit the Quilchena General Store?

11017873_10152885174320896_8141832741379717185_n11665690_10152885174330896_3940801139393201579_n (1)

or there was the day we drove to Kentucky/Alleyne  Provincial Park..


Lunch dates are always a fun thing to do to..even if it is all the way to Kelowna?


..and then there was this past week..what a whirlwind it was..

First off we went to Logan Lake to ‘go to school?’..yes, Steve, Doug and I went and got our Level 1 First Aid Certificate..and we all passed with flying colours..


My parents came by to visit the park…


..speaking of visiting we do have some wild animals here..and this week there was a black bear that swam across the lake and headed into the campground..

Doug was on shift..and had the daunting task of trying to get the bear out of the park?..

yes, he chased it..first with the golf cart and then on foot..

It seems that the bear was on a mission to get out of the park  and away from the ‘crazy’ park about going ‘above and beyond’..there may have to be a  new procedure written in the ‘park manual’ with regards to removing bears from the park?

bear chaser

..and then we had an impromptu ‘safety meeting?’



I keep saying I will do better but here we are mid-July….I can only hope my next post won’t be in mid August..


..the end for now..IMG_4326




  1. Well it doesn't look like you've just been sitting around waiting for something to write about!! There's a word for people who chase bears......... :-)

  2. Great post, Sue! Time IS definitely flying by! Glad to see our neighbours are keeping busy...LOL.

  3. Glad to see an update. Best to post when you have time and really want to. It is one thing you have total control over.

  4. Great wrap up of the first part of your summer. You don't have time to blog - Toni and Doug are out there cracking the whip aren't they?? lol But it sounds like you guys have really got the park running really smoothly.

  5. I am surely glad there are committed people like you two who are willing to deal with all of the crazy campers in the parks, and to make the place nice for the "rest of us". No...of course WE aren't the crazy ones. LOL Nice to catch up. I am also one who manages a monthly post if we aren't actually on the road with things changing all the time.

  6. I'm exhausted just reading all of what you've been doing. Fun, isn't it? :c)

  7. Great post as usual. Lovely pictures.

  8. Nothing better than working without adult supervision:)

  9. Good post, good pictures. I am always glad to read your updates!

  10. OMG, I wouldn't have gone NEAR that bear. Glad it worked out okay. That looks like a nice campground, beautiful location! And yes, there will always be crazies in the campgrounds. That's why I love having wheels under my house, LOL. I have to say, though, like you I've been very pleasantly surprised a number of times. I have had 4 or 5 groups of scouts camp nearby in different campgrounds. Lots of people and tents, and they were kept so busy, I wasn't even aware they were there. Very well behaved. Also a few large families with very quiet, well behaved kids. That's always nice! :)


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